God Is. I Am. All is well Dehyana

Welcome to Anchoring the Light Ministry. Ours is a ministry of like minded individuals dedicated to living from the heart/mind that we might transform lives and thereby create peace on earth. We know that it is no longer intelligent to think our way through life, but rather essential to the survival of our planet that we learn to live from the intelligence of the heart.

It is my prayer that together we manifest a new world based on unconditional love and forgiveness by living spiritual principles that uplift and inspire humanity into its fullness. As a community of soul centered people, we pledge allegiance to serve our family and our Mother Earth in integrity, honesty, forgiveness and love with all-inclusiveness for life as we fulfill our destiny as life giving spirits. We celebrate that our lives have been sanctified to the office of the Christ I AM, and thereby seek our Father's will for us in our daily lives. We know that both the promise and the mysteries of eternal life will be revealed when two have become one, when duality is unified. We have come to believe that it is through the union of the heart and the mind that we each become the hope of glory in the world and that every who sees us sees our Father Mother God.

May you continue to anchor the light of compassion in your heart,
as you walk the path of selfless service.

In the light of peace,
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