The 13 Steps of Self-Mastery


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Are you ready for a complete makeover physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Are you willing to break old patterns and unearth deeper possibilities by turning the light on in your life to discover the hidden addictions that block the flow of creativity, health, abundance and all things good from manifesting?

It is my pleasure to introduce you to “The 13 Steps of Self Mastery”, a profound 13 step spiritual recovery program that will teach you how to manage and direct your energy in a way that allows the creative life force to flow through you uninhibited.

If life has a grip on you and you find yourself influenced by your past and overwhelmed by what lies ahead, then you have not dealt with your addictions, and may not even be aware that you even have any.

It is my hope that you will join with me as we delve into the mystery of the subconscious and take a look at every obsessive compulsive behavior pattern that has your power. It is my goal to help enlighten you to the way of the master so that you will be able to make conscious choices for yourself that empower you to live your highest potential.

If you want to be reborn, then first you must die.

A Brief Outline of the 13 Steps:

  • Step 1To be honest and to admit where you are powerless in your life. Anything that you think you need has your power and anything that has your power will weaken you. You will learn that almost every decision you’ve made in your life thus far is based on fear. Understanding that admission of personal powerlessness in thought, word, and deed is a cornerstone of the foundation of spiritual recovery.
  • Step 2 Come to believe that a Power greater than yourself... How to consciously accept that you need to rely on this power 24 hours a day as you go about your daily activities. Learn that the root of every addiction comes from negative obsessive compulsive thoughts and that without God's Presence in your life you will be an addict. Here you will learn how to undo an insane thought system built on self centeredness and a lack of congruency in thought, word and deed.
  • Step 3 Making the decision to turn your life and... Is self will running rampant in your life? Do you find your head saying one thing and your heart saying another? If you find your heart and mind going in opposing directions then you can be sure that you are not making conscious choices for your life. Learn how to center yourself in your heart chakra so that you can hear the Truth. You’ve got to surrender to the intelligence of the heart otherwise you’ll be an addict.
  • Step 4 This step requires you to make a fearless and... Self Mastery requires integrity. This step takes you to a deeper level of self awareness where you will lay your negative ego down and take stock on what’s really going on. Here you will face your fears head on and understand their source and power over you.
  • Step 5 Complete and total admission of your wrong doings... This step takes you to a higher level of integrity because it is a holy act of confession! Here you learn to be rigorously honest and to make restitution for all the harm you have caused. Not an easy step but a requirement of the Master!
  • Step 6 This is the step where you decide to be completely ready to... You are now ready to let go, but first you must name each defect, and then own them completely. This is a pivotal point in your spiritual recovery program where you accept that in order to be born again, first you must die! Why change is essential in the new age.
  • Step 7 Humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings. You’ve tried to save yourself and failed miserably time and time again! Here you prepare to accept Gods will for your life and to understand that He will do for you what He can do through you! You’ve got to join your head and your heart in order to live a creative, joyful and vital life.
  • Step 8 Make a list of every person you have harmed and... Here you will look at where you are still harboring hatred, resentment and anger, and to understand that from the pain of your defects, God will deliver you. This step is an in-depth study of true forgiveness, the power of the Resurrection and the light of Ascension in the New Age.
  • Step 9 Make direct amends to such people where ever possible... Here you discover how to dissolve potential threats to your peace of mind by giving up denial, ignoring, blaming and avoiding. Here you admit and accept that for every choice you make there is a consequence
  • Step 10 Continued to take a personal inventory and when... Here you will learn how to develop and maintain this level of self mastery through self reflection. Guilt, sin and punishment are the cornerstones of stinking thinking. This step teaches you how to continually face your greatest fear...the fear of looking at yourself!
  • Step 11 Sought through prayer and meditation to... This step teaches you how to bring yourself closer to your Higher Power. Here you will learn methods to help you maintain conscious contact with this Holy Presence by coming to terms with Solitude. No books, no TV, no cellphone, no noise...solitude!
  • Step 12 Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of... this step is the epitome of cause and effect. Learn how to extend your own spiritual recovery to include all people and situations through the grace of forgetting your own problems and contributing something to others.
  • Step 13 Anchoring the Light of 5th dimensional frequencies on earth! This powerful step shows you how, in this New Age of Light, you have the potential to become a whole person through the act of right thought, right speech and right action. This realization thus activaties your light body, which is truly the chariot of the Gods!

Anchoring the Light Ministry has spread solely by word of mouth over the years, and Dehyana will travel anywhere she is invited for the purpose of teaching. All of Dehyana's workshop topics can be used for 2, 3 or 4 day workshops/retreats. If you are interested in booking an event in your area, please contact Jaime Lynn via the contact page.