Enslaved by Addiction
Liberated by Connection

Saturday November 12, 2016
Windsor, Ontario

Addiction, “powerful, cunning and baffling”, a disease that effects everyone single one of us in one way or another. Why? Because we are a global family. We are one, and what effects one, effects all. Just look at our toxic world. It is the out-picturing of unresolved childhood pain from the past projected not only onto our children but each other. Addiction, whether it is to a substance or a certain behaviour, is the result of trying to fix deep rooted problems on the inside with something from the outside. From generation to generation, we as unconscious adults, perpetuate the cycle of insanity.

If you think that you are exempt from anything to do with the addictive personality, I invite you to take a closer look at the subtle nature of addiction. All of us have insidious behaviour patterns which are the hallmark of a materialistic addicted society motivated by fear-based behaviours that manifest as: the work-alcoholic, the perfectionist, the addiction to power, the inability to regulate emotional control, intense anger outbursts, depression, shutting down, mental disorders, and even hiding your light. These are all attempts to escape from pain. All addictions are a means of trying to fix your problem from the outside in, instead of the inside out. 

Why all the pain? Why all the fear? Why so much stress and anxiety? We are not born this way. We are born out of One Mind, each of us a unique expression of our Creator’s light. We are beautiful spiritual beings in physical form. But when we disconnect from our essential self, we act out. All of us are longing for connection. Now is the time to kick the habit of pain and loss found at the heart of addiction. If you have fear, you got it from your past. And that fear with all its many disguises is activated in present time because you have lost the awareness of who you are.   

If you are living with, or know of someone who is dealing with addiction in whatever form, or you yourself are caught in the throws of negative behaviour patterns that control your life, I invite you to join with me for this one day workshop entitled “Enslaved by Addiction, Liberated by Connection”.  You will learn more about yourself and gain a clearer understanding of what goes on in the mind of an addict.

There is an epidemic of addiction in our society and you need information for transformation because it takes a lot of work not to be an addict. With compassionate investigation, you will be able to face your own pain, move through it and discover that on the other side of fear is the real you; authentic and calm, loving and forever changeless by nature waiting for your return.

Join me for an enlightening day; I have so much information to share with you along with many self help tools and exercises that will help make your journey toward enlightenment much easier.


Love always,

Date: Saturday November 12, 2016
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Westchester at the Lake Condominiums, West Building
9099 Riverside Dr. East
Fee: $150 (lunch & tea breaks included)
You can pay below via PayPal, or do an e-transfer to jaimelynn80@gmail.com.

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