Aging with Attitude

Giving Yourself Permission to Be Awesome!

Saturday November 4

Change your thoughts about aging. Love with the heart of a child. Look upon everything with God in your mind and you will see God everywhere.

Whether we like it or not everyone of us is going to grow old and eventually die. The aging process is yet another phase in our life and like the phases of the moon, waxes and wanes our consciousness from from one level to another. I like to think of life playing itself out in 6 phases; from fetus to birth, to adolescence to adult to senior and finally, to formless spirit. An important time line that teaches us to let go of the illusions we’re attached to and to live more authentically. We shudder to think that life itself contains old age and death and so it goes that we walk a tightrope clinging to youth afraid of aging and terrified of the ultimate grim reaper; the shadow of death. To truly live you have to give up all attachments…even the body A few years ago, I faced a massive wake up call. I was fifty eight. It literally shocked me into Reality. Not only was I in my second Saturn return, (for all you astrology enthusiasts out there) my husband died. Fifty eight was the year that I came face to face with the reality of aging, death and immortality. I entered for a lack of better words, a whole other dimension of consciousness. It was as though a portal opened to higher levels of wisdom and experience that completely ended my search for the fountain of youth. Meaning, I came to an awakened state where I realized that no anti aging anything whether it was in a jar, spa, gym, book, guru or whatever else out there making claims, nothing could compare to what God had already created as whole, perfect and complete. I got it on a level that I had never experienced before. Suddenly I felt a deeper sense of freedom to be who I am as I continued to grow closer and closer to the wise one within my heart.

Life felt more real then ever. Death, aging and immortality were my great teachers. I was learning to surrender my will to divine will, and to think with Spirit.

Midlife can be the beginning of some of the greatest transformational years if you hook up with Spirit. Look around, we live in a youth obsessed society and panic is in the air about growing older. It’s not all downhill from here, that I know for sure. But what needs to be embraced by anyone who is anxious about aging is this “life begins when you say so”. After all, you may be a baby boomer or beyond, whose walked a lot of miles in those boots. You’ve got a story to tell and you’ve earned the right to tell it with attitude. That’s right, aging with attitude allows self acceptance to ooze out of your soul because you know that everything serves and now you are grateful for absolutely everything. The story on your time line is worth telling because it holds depth, wisdom, healing and humour that can help those decades younger in their search for authenticity and meaning.

Change your thoughts about aging.
Love with the heart of a child
Look upon everything with God in your mind
and you will see God everywhere.

And now, as you walk into the final phase of your physical life, your story continues with an ever deepening wisdom rooted in truth. Confidence no longer eludes you because you know yourself more now than ever before. You know your values, your worth and your heart because you walk with God. And so it is that you give the world something to aspire to by being in vibrational alignment with who you really are! You’ve given yourself permission to be totally awesome by aging with attitude! And like the many who’ve gone before you, it’s your turn now to bear the torch of the wise elder…a profound right of passage whose time has come.

I invite you to join with me as a beacon of light for the purpose of opening a deeper conversation around aging that will ultimately bring us all to a place of contentment and equanimity. It is my hope that you will gain more wisdom and understanding about the circle of birth and death by examining the following topics with an open heart.

Together We Will Discover

  • The wild obsession with youth and the insane obsession with the body.
  • Getting real about the light and shadow side of aging
  • What is your age now and how do you really feel about it?
  • Looking at aging as a wake up call – are you awake yet?
  • Identifying thoughts and beliefs about aging that keep us “old”
  • Fear of life, fear of God and fear of death
  • What is your story and how can you use it to help others become less fearful?
  • Accepting your limitations and weaknesses
  • Dropping the ego and letting go of desires results in peace.
  • No more denial – everything is in the light

As I have been studying and teaching Astrology for many years now, I will also share with you from a Cosmic perspective planetary alignments that effect you as you hit mid life and beyond.

We Will Also Learn How To Be AT Peace With Reality As It Is…

  • Giving all our fears around growing old to the Holy Spirit
  • Practicing awareness – dropping our attachments to the illusion of aging
  • Being mindful about what we say about getting older (eg. I’m too old for that etc)
  • Using the elements to purify mind body and spirit. Rituals of purification. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether
  • Mantra given by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to keep us aligned with Truth. I am not the body
  • Writing your story as if it is going to to published and sold in the self help section of a book store! What would you say knowing that it could help someone else?
  • Healthy thoughts, healthy mind, healthy body. – how to go about it

This is the first time I am presenting this workshop, but it has been a topic of conversation in many of my personal one on one sessions. I think it’s time to share with you what I know through experience that has helped so many on their journey to enlightenment.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Saturday November 4, 2017
Time: 10:00am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Riverside Drive East, Winsor (*Venue provided upon registration)
Fee: $150 (invlusive of lunch)

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