The Science of Astrology
and Your Psyche

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Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjects reaches of the psyche.
~ C.G.Jung

Each of us is on our own journey to enlightenment and have been imbued with with a highly individualised road map that is meant to evolve us out of the trance of forgetfulness and into the light of remembering our divinity. Like a blue print our Birth chart gives us a clear picture through the signs, symbols, and planetary movements, of how these forces follow the different energies, or archetypal patterns in our own psyche.

Since the subconscious mind has recorded the sum total of all your experiences, it is very helpful to discover through your personal birth chart what you’re up against, how your character is determining your destiny, your positive and negative karma and to transcend that which no longer serves by intelligently utilising the planetary influences for your evolution.

Learning the language of Astrology and how to apply it to your own birth chart will help you to look at your darkness with compassion, and to overcome these negative forces in your psyche by putting you in touch with the positive power behind the symbols. A birth chart does not limit you, it is meant to help you reconnect with your eternal I am Presence.

Are you ready to expand your consciousness?

We are here to wake up and realise that our physical body is a vehicle utilised by our Creator to be an expression of quantum love. Astrology will help you recognise that you have been endowed at birth with certain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tendencies…all there by divine design to help you wake up and fulfil your purpose for this incarnation.

There is a star in the heavens with your name on it. You are wired to awaken!

Astrology for a New Paradigm
Level 1
Keeping it Simple

It is important to have an overview of the precessional workings of our universe known as the “Precession of the Equinox”. Since the beginning of time, this body of knowledge has been recorded throughout the Ages by early Astronomers and plays a very important role in the awakening of humanity. For those who travel to Egypt, this information coming from the heavens is mirrored on earth and is coded in the stones along the Nile. The ancients since time began did not want us to forget the story of “forgetting and remembering”. We will study the Astrological Zodiacal Map from Dendera (Hathors temple) at the ATL centre and you will be amazed!

What you will learn in Level 1
Keeping it Simple

  • You will need a copy of your Birth chart. (contact Jaime)
  • In this level you will learn the basics of the The Zodiac and its roots.
  • An in depth understanding of the houses. Memorising house placement in the natural zodiac
  • An in depth understanding and memorising of the planets and the forces of energy
  • An in depth understanding and memorising of the signs and the role they play
  • Understand Triplicities
  • Understand the Quadruplicities
  • The yin and yang of the zodiac
  • Understanding 4 quadrants of the zodiac
  • The inner sky and the outer sky of the Zodiac
  • Worksheets are provided for hands on practice

This two day seminar is meant to stretch your mind by working with your memory. The goal of level one is to help you memorize the planets and their influences, the signs and how they play out, and the playing fields of the houses. This is the foundation of level one. You will not be able to accurately read a chart or deepen your intuition without this fundamental knowledge.

We are birthing a new paradigm which requires a new way of being in the world. Predetermined by the processional movement of the stars, the outpouring of light is right on queue. The Age of Aquarius is on the horizon and like our brother Jesus said in Luke 22:10 "As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters”. We will discuss the esoteric meaning of His statement.

It is such an exciting time to be alive! The Science of Astrology is returning in a big way to assist all spiritual seekers to dive deep into the psyche of the subconscious and undo the ego’s thought system of fear and separation by utilising the powerful planetary forces and influences. Although it is said that everything is a projected image on the screen in the physical world, the Holy Spirit will use absolutely everything to help you remember that you are created in the image and likeness of the Creator!

Looking forward to seeing you there.
With love,