Balancing the Genders

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Polarities

Sun and Moon

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Nature created a balance between the masculine and feminine energy that resides in both men and women. However, with both genders having lost sight of the basic function of masculine and feminine principles as designed by God, we have become finger pointing enemies with little respect for one another. Instead of co-existing interdependently as empowered individuals who appreciate each others differences, we have become co-dependent and angry at the same time. Few people truly believe that it’s only when you are no longer polarized, but whole, that you are free to love unconditionally and find relatedness.

So, what is at the root of this crisis? And, what is it going to take to heal the distrust and hurt that stands between men and women?

"The anima is a personification of all feminine tendencies in a man's psyche; thus, the animus is the personification of all masculine tendencies in a woman.”
~Carl Jung

As a man you’ve projected all your significant females onto your partner, and as a woman you’ve projected all your relevant males onto yours; all that you like, and don’t like is projected. The good news is that every ego projection, believe it or not, is both the problem and the solution!

The Age of Aquarius, with the Higher Mind or Holy Spirit being at the helm, is nudging both men and women to wake up from the nightmare of seeing each other as enemies and integrate their opposite energy, moving toward wholeness. Self realization is what our Creator intended for both genders. However, in order to be fully Realized as the Image and Likeness of God, integration of your psyche is absolutely necessary. This one day seminar is designed to bring you into full awareness of just how important it is to integrate the psyche and get on with the business of loving unconditionally. Not only will you be given tools to help you integrate ego projections and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, I will also share with you the way of the Ancients and how they lived in harmony serving one another as living gods.

Come and learn about:

  • Masculine and Feminine energy originates in the Mind of our Creator
  • How to love and appreciate gender differences
  • How to love, appreciate and hold the energy you’ve incarnated in this lifetime
  • Make love your all begins with you
  • Make gratitude your practice all day long.
  • really letting go of the past and moving on in gratitude
  • Time for Q and A

I look forward to seeing you there,




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