Spiritual Tour to Cambodia

with Dehyana


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Before the modern age, the largest city in the world was Angkor, the capital of the Khmer empire in what is now Cambodia. ATL Ministry's tour to Cambodia is both fascinating and heart-opening.

group meditation in CambodiaOver the course of this tour, we will rise before the sun and make our way to one of the main temples of Angkor to meditate and welcome the day. As we travel throughout the eight days, Dehyana will impart some fascinating information about how each one of the temples were built to align with certain stars, just like the great pyramids of Egypt. We will see the great Hindu Myth ‘The Churning of the Sea of Milk’ beautifully carved on the walls of Angkor Wat, as a profound and complex myth that speaks of the way in which life emerges out of tension and conflict.

One of the highlights of this tour is a visit to the river of a thousand lingams, for a powerful BreathWorks™ session. As always, ATL Ministry tours include many teachings, group sharing and A Course in Miracles study for those who are actively studying the book.

I am so blessed to be able to travel with such a loving bunch of people. We hugged in the morning, we hugged at the end of the day. We laughed together, shared out heartache tales together, we cheered for each other. Even though we only were together for 5 days, it seem like we had been together for a lifetime.

~Lee Thing Thing, Cambodia 2010