Crystal Skull Workshop

For the Curious Mystic

Crystal skulls are here to assist you. As sacred instruments of love, they want to work with anyone who desires to awaken and identify with the light of the Christ within.

I am very excited to spend a few hours with you talking all about Crystal Skulls. Having been a guardian of more then 20 crystal skulls over the last 10 years, I really do have a lot to share. Like a magnet, crystal skulls entered my life quite unexpectedly. After receiving a channeled message from spirit as to why I was attracting so many crystal skulls, it became apparent that a good part of my spiritual destiny was to help demystify and create a better understanding of Crystal skulls. With stored memory, knowledge and wisdom, crystal skulls are resurfacing in these troubled times for a huge reason. Allow me to enlighten you…

We are living in a time of great change, highlighted by a crisis in moral principles and spiritual values. The Age of Aquarius, or new solar age is an era of light, an age of harmony and love where we must heal our mind by changing our perception from fear to love. A critical transition is definitely upon us and we need all the help we can get to awaken from the nightmare we’ve created for ourselves, unplug from the matrix, turn inward and identify with our higher self.

Crystal skulls are the purest form of condensed light, they represent the Christ Mind and are showing up all over the world. Some are coming to us from antiquity while others are considered to be more contemporary or new. Their purpose is to help awaken and raise the consciousness of humanity as we go through this critical transitional period. To the high priests and priestesses of Atlantis they were sacred instruments that held great spiritual power. Today many people are drawn to work with crystal skulls and in the process deepen their intuition and receive very helpful information for the new humanity.

During this evening presentation you will learn

  • the history of crystal skulls…from Atlantis and Lemuria to the modern day mystic
  • how to work with a crystal skull
  • the language of crystal skulls
  • how crystal skulls receive, reflect, transmit, refract and amplify energy
  • how crystal skulls vibrate light and sound and then learn to listen to the music of the spheres

We will end the night with a powerful meditation. By remembering who you are as an emanation of perfect love, together as a group, we will set our intention to connect with the crystal skull grid in meditation and prayer for the purpose of world peace.

Be ready to experience powerful healing energy

As I always say, if you come with an open mind and an eager heart, you will not only learn a lot about the history and magical power of crystal skulls, but at the same time raise your vibration by meditating in their presence.

If you have a crystal skull of your own, feel free to bring it along.