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What is Crystal Bath Therapy?



Channeled from Entities, healing spirit guides, at his Casa in Brazil, John of God’s Crystal Bath Therapy, or Crystal Bed Healing, is a practical healing modality that helps to align one’s energy field as well as create mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.


1. What is a Crystal Bed?

The seven Vogel crystals used in Crystal Bath Therapy are attuned to the frequencies of the body’s energy centers, which are also known as the chakras. The crystals are suspended above the client, via a mechanism, and are then positioned aligned to their chakras. From there the bed is turned on and colored lights radiate specifically attuned energy down through each one of the seven crystals.
水晶浴疗使用的七个沃格尔水晶协调体内的能量中心,也被称为脉轮。装置在水晶机的水晶悬浮在水晶床上端,每七个水晶定位以与客户的脉轮相对。当水晶机开启, 每七个水晶放射特别的彩色光能量来调和平衡脉轮。

2. How Do I prepare?

For optimal results, the Casa Entities request that you wear white colored clothing. By doing this not only will it help to cultivate an attitude of openness and receptivity but also, it will help to clear your mind. It is also advised that you invoke the Healing Spirit Entities from John of God’s Casa in Brazil to be with you throughout your session by means of a simple prayer.

3. What is a typical Crystal Bath Therapy session like?

Completely safe and non-evasive, the client is meant to remove his / her shoes and all metal jewelry before lying down face up. Once comfortable, a white cloth will be placed over the client’s eyes before the Crystal Bed is turned on. From there soft music will be turned on from at which point the client is simply meant to relax, let go and allow the healing energies from the crystals and the radiating colored lights to go to work for them.
我们将要求您脱掉鞋子和所有的金属饰品,面朝上躺在安全、没有伤害力的水晶床上。在水晶床未开启之前, 我们将为您準備一个白布将眼睛遮盖。轻柔的音乐让您感觉舒适及缓和情绪,只处于当下。让水晶的愈合能量和彩色灯光与您的脉轮交流。

4. How long does one session last?

The first session will last approximately twenty minutes. The second session can be up to forty minutes, and subsequent sessions can last for up to one hour. For the weak and the ill no more than a twenty-minute session is suggested.

5. What do the Healing Spirit Entities that work with John of God do and how will their presence be known during my session?

The spiritual beings that work in and around the Casa De Dom Inacio make their presence known through the colored lights and energy that radiate down through the seven Vogel crystals and into your energy field. These crystals simply act as a ‘portal’ in which the healing Spirit Entities are able to transmit their restorative powers. The healing energies that are bestowed upon a client during a single session will not only affect them physically but spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
Casa De Dom Inacio的神灵,通过七个沃格尔水晶的彩色灯光和愈合能量传送到你的能量场。这些水晶只是作为一个“门户”让神灵实体能够传输其恢复力量。这赋予愈合的能量不仅恢复您身体,也平衡您的心灵及情绪。

6. What will I experience?

No two Crystal Therapy sessions will ever be the same, as clients will experience whatever it is they need to experience. However, for those who have undergone a Crystal Therapy session they have noted an array of body sensations, emotions and experiences that are personal to them. Some of these included but are not limited to the following: pressure, tingling lightness, heaviness, a sense of inner peace, deep relaxation, expansion, numbness, warmth, a release of personal issues and a letting go of traumatic experiences.

7. How does the session produce healing?

The Crystal Bed uses color and crystal therapy which when combined produces a stream of healing energy. When transmitted into the seven chakras, each chakra is thoroughly cleansed and energized as it is brought into balance with the rest of the body’s energy field. Resultantly, the field of energy created helps to cleanse and align as well as balance one’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. The session will be further enhanced by the presence of the Healing Spirit Entities from John of God’s Casa in Brazil who will work closely with you. A spiritual mechanism that’s used to treat ailments on all levels, the bed can also used as a preventative.

8. How do the crystals work?

Science has discovered that crystals have some of the most well structured molecules found in nature. Thus, the colored lights passing through the crystals will resonate as well as absorb the perfect molecular structures found in these crystals. With up to 60% of the adult human body being made up of water, it has been proven that the water content of our cells can take on various molecular structures. For instance healthy cells have well organized and geometrically shaped water molecular patterns whereas unhealthy cells take on disorganized and oddly shaped water molecule patterns. Thus, an explanation for the effects of crystal therapy is that the vibration resonating from the crystals helps to reorganize the molecular structure of the water content in our tissues and cells.

9. What should I expect after my session?

As stated above, each Crystal Bath Therapy session is unique and specific to each client. Nonetheless, those who have experienced the profound healing energies of Crystal Bath Therapy have reported the following:

Moreover, clients have also reported feeling as though they were now functioning in a sort of ‘altered state’ or were being further worked on by Spirit Guides or the Healing Spirit Entities upon completion of their session.

10. Do I need to do anything after my session?

It is advised that the client journal their experience so that they are able to fully integrate the new energies as well as the guidance that was received during the session. Also, limit any strenuous activity for up to 5 days after the treatment so that the body is able to adjust to its new state of being. Moreover, drink plenty of water so that you are able to fully rid yourself of any residual toxins, which you may have expelled during your session.

11. How often can I have a treatment?

The number of treatments one is eligible to have depends completely on your situation. Should someone be very ill then sessions could be carried out for up to three times a week, gradually reducing them as the individual regains strength and energy. However, for those coming for spiritual reasons, one to two sessions per week are enough.

12. Tell me more about the Vogel Crystals used in Crystal Therapy

The seven Vogel crystals used in Crystal Therapy were mined in a small Brazilian town called, Garimbo de Ouro in Brazil and according to John of God were, “born in beds of water, deep beneath the earth.” Originating from a single stone, these crystals have been carefully polished and they were personally selected by John of God himself.
水晶浴疗使用的七个沃格尔水晶开采在巴西一个称为Garimbo de Ouro的小城镇,按照约翰救世主,这是“水晶出育地球深处的水源。” 这些经精心打磨的水晶, 源于一块由约翰救世主亲自挑选的水晶石。

13. Can my children receive treatments?

Treatments are not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Can I use the Crystal Bed if I'm on medication? What about pregnancy?

Because Crystal Bath Therapy is non-invasive, it will not interfere with current medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation. The Crystal Bed is completely safe to use throughout pregnancy.