Private Sessions with Dehyana

“Guided Spiritual Recovery”

together with

Integral Conscious Connected BreathWork (ICCB)


ICCB uses BreathWork techniques combined with a ‘Guided Spiritual Recovery’ program tailored just for you. It offers a “complete and balanced” approach to releasing suppressed fear which allows you to integrate and restore energetic equilibrium to body, mind and spirit so that you can heal and...

  • Acquire a new and more powerful interpretation of yourself
  • Tell yourself a different story
  • Through self observation become responsible for your life
  • Make empowering choices
  • Transcend the Victim Archetype
  • Powerfully own and integrate suppressed emotions
  • Live with integrity and excellence
  • Have more compassion for yourself and others
  • Discover and/or live your passion and purpose
  • Commune with all of life, the universe and Spirit
  • Attune to the perfect “Is-ness” of every moment
  • Love and accept the unfolding mystery of you

The Process

When you arrive we will we sit down together and enter into a conversation about you and your story. This is where I can help you get in touch with what’s really going with you....your fears, concerns, upsets, or whatever else is blocking you from living an authentic, abundant and joyous life. Next, to help you with your spiritual recovery, I will tailor each session according to your needs which will include one or more of the following:

  • BreathWork™ - before and after discussion
  • A 20 minute Crystal Bed session to help you relax™
  • Sitting in the pyramid for a short time quietly meditating, chanting or praying to evoke your God Presence
  • Writing powerful Affirmations and BreathWork™
  • Writing a letter of Forgiveness & BreathWork™
  • Writing a Conscious Gratitude list & BreathWork™
  • An action plan to meet your goals & BreathWork™
  • Your natal/birth chart to help you recognize patterns that keep you stuck
  • Dream journal and analysis
  • As Spirit directs.
  • Read about the BreathWork™ Process

Guided Spiritual Recovery is very practical and will help you retrieve aspects of yourself that have gone ‘underground’ because of unprocessed fear. With the right tools, such as self-observation and the law of vibration, you’ll learn to take personal responsibility for what shows up in your space and stop being a ‘projection machine’. You’ll transcend blame, justifying, and victim consciousness because you have learned to identify yourself as the author of your story which empowers you to reach your highest potential and achieve your ultimate destiny.

ICCB combined with ‘Guided Spiritual Recovery’ is like having a spiritual intervention. It is a very empowering program that brings you the gift of mindfulness and awareness for the release and integration of repressed or disowned aspects of yourself. It teaches you how to drop your defences and accept all parts of your being. It opens your heart to self acceptance and expands your mind to the infinite possibilities that already exists within you.

“There is no reality in the absence of observation” Albert Einstein

The entire process awakens you to realize that you are more than you think when you take full responsibility for your life. It awakens you to the truth, that a Divine power is in your soul and is at work in your life at all times, and that by connecting with it, you get into the flow of your own creative spirit and live in harmony with all that is.

In order to complete a One on One session with me you will need 1 1/2 hrs to 2 1/2 hours depending on what’s recommended for your healing process. Dress comfortably. Do not eat a heavy meal for at least 2 hours before your session as the energy to digest the food robs you of the energy needed to complete a BreathWork session.

Bring a notebook and a pen and get ready to do some really deep inner work.
I look forward to meeting you.
With much love

*ICCB or ‘Integral Conscious Connected Breathing’ defines a ‘One on One’ session with Dehyana; it combines Guided Spiritual Recovery and BreathWork. The blending of these two modalities are integral to your healing process.

The BreathWork Process

BreathWork is considered to be a self healing process by connecting the inhale to the exhale (circular breathing) without holding or pausing in-between. The focus is on the inhale, while the exhale is very relaxed. Circular, or conscious connected breathing is simply inhaling and exhaling solely through the mouth OR nose; never in combination. By breathing in this manner what takes place is truly miraculous. The cells in the body begin to respond to the divine energy by increasing their frequency. This allows toxins to be released, as well as suppressed emotions to be breathed out on the exhale. Any mutations in the DNA will also begin to heal as you continue to consciously breathe divine energy with every precious breath.

The whole purpose of BreathWork is to help reveal and release suppressed emotions stored as cellular memory that block Life Force energy from flowing freely through the chakras (chakras store and assimilate information). Blocked energy is the result of unprocessed fear and unless you release and integrate these emotions, blocked energy will manifest as depression, illness, anger and rage, which all fall under the umbrella of fear. Conscious Connected breathing is a very simple technique that requires only the willingness to heal.

It does take a lot of work to remain present to the breath during a session because the false self or ego has only one purpose; to keep you distracted and stuck in negative patterns and mindsets. Often times during a session there is a tendency to fidget, itch or do just about anything to keep from staying present to the breath. However, you are in good hands. I will not let you sleep, or distract yourself, because I know just how effective this process can be and how it can help you to heal.

The benefits from even one BreathWork session can be life changing. Over the last twenty some years guiding this spiritual recovery process, I have received countless testimonials from people who’ve radically changed and healed their lives. Some reporting a spontaneous healing, others were able to radically forgive, some experienced an ongoing deep heart-felt joy, while many others were able to let go of negative mindsets and heal addictions. Nearly everyone experienced a deep feeling of surrender and relaxation that left them feeling peaceful with long lasting effects.

“You are doing the healing. But with the gift of spirit at my side, while you draw on the power of your breath, I will facilitate the process and guide you as you release suppressed fear and achieve full integration and relaxation”.

I cannot say enough about the benefits of BreathWork. It is one of the most self-empowering spiritual recovery processes because it aligns your body, mind and spirit. Once you are aligned, you can anchor more self esteem, confidence, and self love into your life which in turn, gives you the courage you need to grow through change.

How to prepare for a BreathWork session:

  1. Show up with a willingness to want to heal
  2. Do not eat at least 2 hrs prior to the session
  3. Always wear white (helps create the mindset of healing)
  4. Bring a pillow and a mat if you wish, also a blanket to cover as the extremities often get cold during a session. (this is not needed for ICCB)

You are fully clothed for the session. We begin with sitting up and setting the intention for healing. Then you will lay on your back, without crossing anything and lay your arms at your side. with palms up in a position of complete surrender, fully present to the here and now. Since the whole purpose of ICCB is to release suppressed emotion you will begin the breath process by breathing in and out through the mouth as this helps to bring up suppressed emotion. You will continue to breathe in this manner (maybe switching to breathing in and out through the nose as guided) for an hour or more. When I ring the bell you will turn over on your side and curl up in the fetal position and stop the circular breathing and breathe naturally in a relaxed manner. Music will begin to play while you bask in the light and love of divine grace. This time alone with your God Presence is most comforting. You will lie here until the music stops at which point you will hear the final bell. A short amount of time is allotted for stretching/using the bathroom before joining in the circle for sharing.