Mediterranean Frame Drum Intensive

female drummer

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The ancient art of drumming can be traced back to the Paleolithic era as a mystical tool for self-transformation. Connect with your inner being as we explore the rhythm and the unique sound of the frame drum. A frame drum is defined by the diameter of a drumhead being much larger than the depth of its shell. The shells range in depth from 2” to at most 6” and range in diameter from 4’ to 30” and are held in one hand.

In this one day workshop, I will teach you everything I have discovered and learned about this sacred and magical instrument. From Cybele’s Bee priestesses of ancient Rome to the Bee Goddesses of Egypt and the Mediterranean, the frame drum was the sacred tool of the Goddess, but became a forgotten aspect of a women’s spiritual heritage. Today more women (and men) are taking up the frame drum for the purpose of feeling connected to the rhythms of nature, the Sun and Moon, to our great Mother and the Earth and all the elements that sustain us.

Amongst the oldest known musical instruments is the hand held frame drum. Many of the earliest known religions evolved around the ritual beat of the frame drum as it could alter consciousness and create a prophetic trance state in which the priestess could foretell the future!

Drumming can easily create an alpha wave state which allows the release of endorphins, easing muscle tension; drumming helps overcome anxiety and fear while bringing one to a higher state of awareness! Drumming is very therapeutic because it produces deeper Self-Awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity that enables healing to begin in mind, body and spirit.

Come and discover

  • The history of the frame drum and its connection to the great Bee Priestesses throughout the ancient world.
  • The healing properties of drumming and sound
  • How the drum connects us to the divine feminine
  • All the basic strokes and concepts of the frame drum
  • How the elements connect to the frame drum
  • Explore and recite rhythm combinations
  • How to embody the rhythm

If you would like to boost the body’s immune system, have lots of fun and feel energized please join with me for this intensive drumming workshop. Not only will you learn to play the frame drum, you will rediscover the rhythm of your own unique self as you let go with an open heart and let the beat of your soul come out to play with other drumming enthusiasts!

Hope to see you there...

*This workshop is available in levels 1, 2 & 3.