Egypt 2018
Mastering Your Energy

September 16 - October 2, 2018

Dehyana at the Sphinx If you are committed to walking the path of self transformation and thirst for vision and truth, it is said that Egypt is a must and once experienced will continue to call you back again and again. If you’ve yet to experience Egypt with the mind of a mystic, why not join me and probe the secrets of immortality hidden behind the symbolism in the great temples along the Nile? Discover that we each reflect a predetermined pattern as shown to us through sacred geometry, music, astrology, archeo-astronomy and much more!

The Egypt experience is one of lasting impression and I can only say that as your eyes gaze upon the serene and beautiful faces of the many gods and goddesses, a spiritual vitalizing current begins to flow through your chakras, memory is triggered and the pineal gland is activated. A mysterious process of internal transmutation begins to take place, and you may even find yourself having vivid dreams or even past life memories as certain temples activate your light body!

Divine forces are definitely at work as we take this earthly pilgrimage, which in truth is an internal pilgrimage through the astral spine from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra. What we are actually doing is following the pathway of the kundalini, directing powerful energy inward and upward toward super consciousness. Without a direct experience of this process, I can only tell you that your life will never be the same again. Egypt without a doubt, with all its exquisite beauty and powerful energies, is too wondrous to describe with words alone.

A new dawn has come and with it the light of freedom, hope and peace in the Aquarian Age of unity consciousness. The mighty Sphinx of Egypt, sitting poised for thousands of years in the light of Leo now invites us to receive this love-light and birth a new consciousness from the heart of the solar feminine, capable of midwifing a new humanity. Do you have the call to return to the land of your soul? If you do just know that Egypt is full of angelic magic! You may feel the presence of Ascended Masters or have a direct experience of your soul as pure love-light. Whatever it may be, just know that Egypt is waiting to embrace you as her child of destiny.

The following itinerary is tailored to suit the teachings of Anchoring The Light. From Abu Simbel to the Great Pyramid of Giza we will follow the path of the kundalini with YOU as an initiate. All along the way you are learning about energy, and the mastery of it by gaining a deeper understanding of Karma, Chakras and Astrology as taught by the masters.

Prepare yourself to experience a vitalizing spiritual current to flow through your chakras as energy vibrations and frequencies; the harmonics of each of these living temples activate your light body, awaken dormant DNA, and open your third eye! Once initiated, the seven chakras aligning the astral spine open, leading you to discover latent talents and gifts. Your meditation practice improves and you’ll find it much easier to draw your energy inward and upward toward super consciousness - which is your ultimate destiny!

I love to say to “expect the unexpected” as we lift the veil of Isis to receive the super-conscious rays of love-light in the mystical land of Egypt! A New Dawn awaits you. Are you ready?

It is both my love and my pleasure to teach you the ancient Egyptian Mysteries as we travel along the Nile! I never tire of sharing all that I’ve discovered over the last 15 years of dedicating myself through travel and research about Egypt and what she has to offer in terms of awakening as a super conscious soul!

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Please note: the final itinerary may differ slightly in order of temples/sites visited. The main temples, including Abu Simbel, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Abydos, Tel-Amarna, Sakkara, Dhashur, Giza, and Abusir are confirmed in the itinerary.

Egypt Itinerary

Day 1 | Sunday September 16: Arrival in Cairo, evening flight to Aswan

Lake Nassr Cruise Ship

After a long flight to Egypt, you will be greeted by our agent and taken to the hotel for rest and refreshments. We will return to the airport for an evening flight to Aswan. Upon arrival in Aswan, we will be transferred to the Lake Nasser 5 Star deluxe cruise ship, our comfortable accommodation for the next 4 nights.
5 Star Deluxe Cruise Ship, Lake Nasser
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 2 | Monday, September 17: Temples and sites in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser TemplesAfter breakfast, we begin our day sailing to Kalabsha Temple - dedicated to the Nubian God Mandulis. We will then continue on to Beit El Wali to visit the temple dedicated to Goddess Hathor before visiting the beautiful Kiosk of Kertassi.
5 Star Deluxe Cruise Ship, Lake Nasser
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included



Day 3 | Tuesday, September 18: Temples and sites in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser Temple SitesWe begin our day sailing toward Wadi El Seboua enjoying breakfast on the serene and beautiful Lake while we cross the tropic of Cancer. Plenty of time will be allotted to mystery school teachings with Dehyana.
5 Star Deluxe Cruise Ship, Lake Nasser
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included


Day 4 | Wednesday, September 19: Temples and sites in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser TemplesAfter breakfast, we will visit Wadi El Seboua, El Dakka and Mehraka. We will return to the ship for lunch, followed by sailing to Amada temple, Ed Deir and the Tomb of Penout for classically guided tours with Hazem.
5 Star Deluxe Cruise Ship, Lake Nasser
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included



Day 5 | Thursday, September 20: Kasr Ibrim - Abu Simbel

Abu SimbelWith an early morning start, we make our way to Kasr Ibrim - and view the beautiful fortress from the sun deck en route to Abu Simbel - where we begin our path of initiation. We will continue sailing to Abu Simbel and enjoy an afternoon visit to this sacred site; the site of King Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. Our farewell candlelit dinner on board is followed by an optional Abu Simbel Sound and Light show.
5 Star Deluxe Cruise Ship, Abu Simbel
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 6 | Friday, September 21: Abu Simbel - Aswan

Felucca RideWe will enjoy breakfast, our final meal on Lake Nasser, before transferring to Aswan to check into the fabulous Nile Cruise. Those who wish may enjoy an second visit to Abu Simbel to watch the sunrise. An early evening Felucca ride on the Nile and visit to Elephantine Island are on the agenda before dinner.
5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included


Day 7 | Saturday, September 22: Philae Temple - Kom Ombo - Edfu

Philae TempleWe rise very early in preparation for private time in Mother Isis’ temple - Philae. With the mother energy of Isis, we will anchor the light through sacred initiation with Dehyana, followed by a classical tour with Hazem. Isis is considered to be the Great mother of our Milky Way Galaxy! Discover predynastic Egypt when the Matriarchal society ruled. After this, we set sail for the temple of Kom Ombo (Horus/Sobek) for a classical tour, followed by a classical tour of Edfu.
5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 8 | Sunday, September 23: Luxor - West Bank, Habu, Luxor Temple

Luxor TempleOur ship arrives in Luxor. Today we will visit the West Bank and enjoy a classical tour with Hazem at Habu temple, the Valley of the Kings & Queens and the temple of Hatshepsut. The newly opened temple of Isis awaits us before returning to the ship to freshen up. We’ll then enjoy a beautiful sunset visit to Luxor, the temple of Man.
5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 9 | Monday, September 24: Private Entry to Karnak Temple / Sekhmet Initiation

Sekhmet, KarnakWe will rise in the early hours of the morning for private time in Karnak. Goddess Sekhmet awaits us in her holy chapel for a very special initiation with Dehyana. After sunrise, we will enjoy a classical tour of this site with Hazem. Karnak is the largest temple complex in the world, with a rich and fascinating history. After our tour, we will return too the ship for breakfast, followed by Mystery School teachings with Dehyana and a free afternoon to rest and enjoy Luxor.
5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 10 | Tuesday, September 25: Luxor – Abydos, Dendera & Osirian Temples

Abydos, temple of OsirisOur desert road trip begins with an early morning ride to Abydos, the temple of Osiris, where you can see the flower of life laser burned into the temple wall! An amazing meditation with Dehyana awaits you here, as well as a classical tour of this beautiful temple with Hazem. Next is Dendera, for a sacred initiation in Hathor’s temple.
Abydos - House of Life Hotel
Breakfast / Lunch included

Day 11 | Wednesday, September 26: Abydos – El Amarna

Tel AmarnaOur road trip continues as we make our way to Minya with stops along the way, including El Amarna – The mysterious ruins of Pharaoh Akhenaten & Nefertiti. This will be a leisurely day of driving; the perfect opportunity for Dehyana to share the history and teachings of Akhenaten and why they are so relevant today.
Overnight Minya
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner included

Day 12 | Thursday, September 27: Minya – Cairo

the Pyramid of MeidumWe’ll check out of our hotel after breakfast and make our way to the mysterious Pyramid of Meidum. We will spend private time here where the energy is very strong! We'll stop for a local lunch and continue on the last leg of our desert adventure to the beautiful Mena house in Cairo.
Mena House, Cairo
Breakfast / Lunch included


Day 13 | Friday, September 28: Cairo, Museum of Antiquities

Cairo Museum of antiquitiesAfter breakfast, we’ll enjoy a free morning to rest and enjoy the Mena House. In the afternoon, we’ll take our lunch in a local restaurant followed by a classical guided tour in the fascinating Museum of Antiquities. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to connect the history of Egypt to the present; the Cairo museum has one of the best antiquities artifacts collections in the world. Stay open to the experience of the museum and feel the living energies of the gods and goddesses awaken you! The evening is yours to enjoy at the hotel.
Mena House, Cairo
Breakfast / Lunch included

Day 14 | Saturday, September 29: Dahshur and Saqqara

step pyramidA mystical experience awaits you in the red pyramid of Dahshur, followed by a classical tour of the temple of Osiris, step pyramid and Serapeum of Saqqara; one of the oldest temple complexes in Egypt. Marvel at the precision and perfection of the Osirian temple, and discover the power of sound and light healing as practiced by the ancients. Embrace the Father of Medicine Imhotep, known by man as the first Buddha! We'll enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before making our way back to the hotel for group sharing and a free evening.
Mena House, Cairo
Breakfast / Lunch included

Day 15 | Sunday, September 30: Private visit to Abusir and Abu Gorab

AbusirEgypt is a land filled with mystery, and to this day continues to unearth mysterious sites and priceless treasures. These sacred sites are far from the beaten path, few tourists visit them and most don’t even know of their existence. They are reflections of prominent star constellations, including the Pleiades and are very, very mystical. Abusir is a 5th dynasty necropolis; 7 pyramids can be found here. Indigenous Egyptian tradition teaches that this site is one of the oldest ceremonial centres on the planet and is a place where the ancients connected with divine energies. We are blessed with private time to experience the energies of these sites through meditation with Dehyana.
Mena House, Cairo
Breakfast / Lunch included

Day 16 | Monday, October 1: The Great Giza Plateau, King’s Chamber and the Sphinx

the SphinxThis is the pinnacle of our tour! Rising well before the sun and in sacred silence, we prepare for our final Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. In clean white clothing and with open hearts in anticipation of what’s to come, we prepare for two wonderful hours of private time inside the pyramid! A life-changing experience awaits you. After our ceremony, we will spend time with the Sphinx with all her hidden mysteries before the droves of tourists arrive. We’ll return to the hotel for breakfast and our final meeting, group sharing and mystery school teachings with Dehyana. The afternoon is yours to pack and prepare for your flight home. We will meet in the evening for our farewell dinner.
Mena House, Cairo
Breakfast / Dinner included

Day 17 | Tuesday, October 2 : Departure

It has been a full and transformative trip! You will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.
Cairo (Breakfast included)
Farewell sweet Egypt!

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