Spiritual tour to England

The Mystery and the Magic of King Arthur

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Join with me, for an unforgettable journey through Southern England; a land where where myth, legend, cosmology and history all meet amid breathtakingly beautiful scenery! Whose ancient sites, whether man made, mysteriously created or naturally forged, set as silent markers urging us to connect to our true essence; with the stars, with Mother Nature, and with our ancestors. Together we will explore the mystery and myth of the landscape, ancient stone circles, mysterious sites and carvings, and the inexplicable messages of light in the form of crop circles. I will share my knowledge of cosmology and Gnostic Christianity with you throughout the tour, through guided meditations in ancient sites and crop circles, group sharing and lectures, and of course - devotion.

Stonehenge SunriseGlastonbury, as the famed Isle of Avalon, draws upon pre-Christian myth and legend as well as the presence of the Biblical Joseph of Arimathea, the young Jesus Christ, and King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. King Arthur’s round table is said to represent ‘the round world and canopy of the planets and the elements in the firmament, where are to be seen the stars and many other things’, in other words - the Zodiac. It comes as no surprise then that perhaps the best known example of a terrestrial Zodiac - a map of the stars on a gigantic scale, formed by features in the landscape, both natural and manmade - is found here in Glastonbury. This Zodiac is regarded as the key to all of the myths associated with this place. We will draw on the subtle energies through various sites and stone circles here with guided mediation and quiet reflection. Feel the energy of the sun warming your body and illuminating your spirit as it rises through the mists at our private visit to Stonehenge at sunrise on July 5th. Allow these ancient stones, markers of a time gone by, to speak to your soul, telling you of the mysteries surrounding this sacred circle.

It is my pleasure to lead you through England next July, to connect you with the Mary and Michael Lay lines, with the living zodiac and to experience the magic and the mystery of Avalon, of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the legend of Merlin and Tintagel, and so much more. It is my hope that you will return home renewed and with an expanded consciousness, after having walked this sacred path that so many have walked before you.

England 2014 Highlights

Glastonbury: Tor Hill, Wearyall Hill, Druid Oaks of Avalon

GlastonburyWe will spend the afternoon with a climb up Tor Hill; a mystical hill on which is carved a 3 dimensional maze. Rich in Arthurian Legend, Nature mythology, Paganism and Christian legend, the Tor is believed to be our direct link to an ancient lost world. St. Michael's Tower, a 12th Century church, built atop the Tor, reputedly of the stones from King Arthur's fort, provides a vantage point to the stunning surrounding landscape. Next we're headed to Wearyall Hill, where legend tells Joseph and his twelve companions arrived in AD37 bringing with them the infamous chalice of the last supper. The day concludes with the Glastonbury Druid Oaks of Avalon - Gog and Magog; considered part of the processional path leading to the Tor.

Glastonbury: Abbey, St. John's Church, Chalice Well private visit

GlastonburyWe begin our day with the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey - the 'Holiest Earthe of England' and reputed burial place of King Arthur. This site is steeped in Arthurian legend and myth, rich in history, and hauntingly beautiful architecture. One can only imagine the stunning beauty of this Abbey in all it's glory! Next, we visit the Church of St. John the Baptist. There has been a church on this site for well over a thousand years. We will take time to absorb the peace, tranquility and spiritual energy of this ancient site. Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea, who gave his tomb for Christ's burial, came to Glastonbury. This legend has deep ties with this quaint church. Our day concludes with a private visit to the Chalice well; one of Britain's most ancient and infamous wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill. Here Dehyana will lead us through a profound guided meditation, connecting us with the myth, mysteries and quiet healing of this living sanctuary. Following which, we will have time to explore this beautiful site.

Cadbury / Camelot

Cadbury/CamelotAfter Breakfast we set off for the spectacular Cadbury Castle, a Bronze and Iron Age hill fort - widely believed to be King Arthur's Camelot. From here, you can see the stone ramparts that surrounded the hill and walk the perimeter of the hill top. We will also have an opportunity to visit the Silver Spring Holy Well, time for quiet reflection and meditation with Dehyana.

Avebury Stone Circle

AveburyOur fist point of interest today is the Avebury Stone Circle; the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world. This mysterious site dates back to the Neolithic age (2500 - 2000 BC). Constructed by the Beaker people, who might have played a major role in the formation of another eerie ancient site at Stonehenge. Free time for lunch and shopping in Avebury's Henge Shop; a fascinating New Age shop uniquely located in the centre of Avebury Stone circle, offering everything from jewelry, to t-shirts, dowsing rods, crystals, books and more! If time permits, we'll head to West Kennett Lon Barrow; probably the longest barrow in Northern Europe and one of the most impressive and accessible Neolithic chambered tombs in all of Britain, dating back to 3650 BC.

Avebury Crop Circles

Crop CirclesCrop circles have been an unexplainable phenomenon appearing worldwide for over 40 years; and nowhere else in the world are they as concentrated as in Southern England. Year after year their enigmatic presence continue to bless the summer fields, dotting the landscape with mystery! This is our opportunity to discover these mystifying messages of light - and perhaps discover some new ones! Dehyana will lead a guided meditation in at least one of these magical circles, and we will have time to explore them on our own. Is there a special message waiting for you? After our crop circle adventure, we will visit the infamous Wiltshire White Horse Trail - a number of mysterious white horses carved into the county's chalk hillsides, all within a five mile radius.


stonehengeOur day begins with the sunrise - a private visit to Stonehenge. As the sun rises, we will absorb the energy of this powerful stone circle, as Dehyana leads us through a profound guided meditation. Our private visit will be followed by a much deserved breakfast at the hotel, following which, we set out for Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury is unique amongst medieval English Cathedrals, having been built in just 38 years (1220 - 1258 AD), in a single style (early English Gothic). The tower and spire (Britain's tallest) were added about 50 years later. You have the option of taking the tour of the tower, where you will enjoy spectacular views as you explore the roof spaces and tower, climbing 332 steps in easy stages by narrowing winding spiral staircases to reach the foot of the spire 225 feet above ground level.

Transfer to Cornwall

Burrow MumpWe will take our time en route to Cornwall, with a stop at the historical site of Burrow Mump, a peaceful and blessed site, located on the St. Michael alignment, for a guided meditation with Dehyana. We will also visit the Chapel of Brentor; a tiny church perched on top of the rocky outcrop known as Brentor. Many mysteries and theories surround the building of this church, clinging precariously to the volcanic outcrop. Enjoy a free evening in Cornwall.


TintagelWe'll start the day with a beautiful guided meditation at the holy well and Chapel of the Celtic St. Clether; a site of true tranquility, alive with the energies of the surrounding valley, babbling stream and rocky outcrops. Following lunch, we will explore the ruins of the infamous Tintagel Castle - the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. This beautiful site is set on an island peninsula amid the rugged coastline. We will visit Merlin's cave, followed by the King's Inauguration footprint, set in stone at the highest point of the island.

St. Nectan's Glen, Rocky Valley, Hurlers Stone Circles

St Nectan's glenAfter breakfast we set off for the nearby enchanted fairy glen of St. Nectan. This is a precious site of outstanding natural beauty where legend recalls that Arthur and his knights found refreshment. Here we will have time to enjoy the beautiful waterfall, the kieve (initiation bowl) and chapel. We will also visit Rocky Valley, where two Bronze Age stone carvings of a maze or labyrinth in a disused Mill can be found. After lunch, we will spend time at the Hurlers stone circles; three late Neolithic or early Bronze Age stone circles arranged in a line grouping - quite unique in England. They are reputed to be the remains of men petrified for playing 'hurling' on Sunday!

Points of Interest En Route to Exeter

Cadbury/CamelotOn our way to Exter, we will stop at Duloe Stone Circle and Grimspound - the best known of many Dartmoor prehistoric settlements. Grimspound dates from the late Bronze Age, with the remains of 24 stone houses with a massive boundary wall. In the afternoon, we will visit the Merrivale Stone Circle and stone Row.

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