Spiritual tour to Greece

with Dehyana


Come and join Dehyana for an unforgettable 12 day journey through Greece, a country steeped in history, philosophy and mythology. Experience ancient sites, soak in the breathtaking scenery of the Greek isles, visit the birthplace of Greek mythology and philosophy, the tomb of St. Paul and so many other important figures in Christianity, visit modern cities, markets and enjoy the scrumptious cuisine! Throughout this tour, we will meet daily as a group for the purpose of meditation, to study the Course in Miracles and to share as a group. The main focus of this journey is to learn all about soul astrology. Dehyana will prepare your chart complete with full length interpretation prior to arrival, and you will have the unique opportunity to learn all about you - as it is written in the stars! She will give you the tools you need to 'connect the dots', to understand how and why mythology, astrology and the procession of the Equinox are all interconnected…all while soaking in the gorgeous sites of Greece. You do not want to miss this tour!

DelphiWe begin our tour in Delphi, the important historical site built on the side of Mount Parnassos, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth, home to the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, the mysterious temple of Athena, and of course the infamous Oracle. Delphi in ancient times was considered the centre of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met. This was the place on earth where man was closest to God, and the energies here are just as powerful today as they were thousands of years ago. Open your heart and mind and listen to the voice that for centuries distributed wisdom to mankind…Does the Oracle have a message for you?

MeteoraMeteora: Visit the incredible 14th C monasteries built on top of breathing rock towers which hover over the city of Kalampaka. The word Meteora literally means 'hovering in the air'. The monasteries of Meteora, included in the Monuments of world cultural heritage, are a unique harmonious matching of Byzantine architecture and natural beauty. During the Turkish occupation it was the monasteries which kept alive the Hellenic culture and traditions, if it were not for these monasteries, modern Greece would merely be a relocation of the Ottoman empire, with little knowledge of its roots and history. The monasteries not only attracted the deeply religious, but philosophers, poets, painters and deep thinkers of Greece. Besides providing an incredible view, the monasteries are full of relics; religious treasures, wall paintings, icons and libraries rich in old manuscripts.

Ephesus and KusadasiMarvel at island of Kusadasi, set in a superb gulf in the Aegean region of Turkey, known for its turquoise sparkling water and broad sandy beaches. This popular Turkish port is the gateway to the ancient metropolis of Ephesus, a main centre of archaeological interest due to the ancient remains that still exist today. Amongst them is the temple of Isis and the largest Theatre in Asia Minor, the house of the Virgin Mary - where she lived the last years of her life, the temple of Artemis one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, and the Church of St. John where he was buried after his exile from Patmos.

Patmos GreecePatmos lies in the eastern Aegean a short distance form the coast of Turkey. This beautiful little island, with it's rugged coastline, stark white buildings and green vegetation against the backdrop of the Agean sea is nothing short of awe inspiring. Here we will explore the 11th Century fortified Monastery of St. John the Divine towering majestically both physically and spiritually over the entire island. This is where St. John was said to have heard the voice of God; the location where the famous Revelation of Saint John the Divine was inspired and written.

Santorini GreeceSantorini, like a sparkling jewel in the Agean Sea, with it's white-washed buildings against the backdrop of cobalt blue sea and famous for it's black sand beaches - is almost too picture perfect! It's not hard to understand why so many believe Santorini to be the ancient site of Atlantis. This island is filled with archaeological sites including Akrotiri, Greece's answer to Pompei, an ancient village that was preserved by lava, now uncovered. Equally as beautiful is the Volcano of Santorini, the enormous sea filled Crater perched so high above the island that the cruise ships below look like model boats! This is one of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy the sunset.

Crete GreeceCrete is a colourful puzzle of Mythology, History, mountains, gorges and seashores! This huge island is filled with Minoan, Ancient Greek, Roman, Venetian, Byzantine and Islamic sites and ruins. This island is rich in history and mythology, with plenty of ruins and ancient temples to discover, including Knossos - the birthplace of Zeus, considered to be the spiritual birthing womb of the western civilization. Here, the Kundalini/Shakti energies were revered, making Knossos the latest and most advanced civilization of the Goddess.

Athens GreeceWhat would a trip to Greece be without spending time in the modern city of Athens? This city is filled with ancient Ruins, including the infamous Parthenon, the temple of Zeus, the theatre of Herod Atticus to name a few. Not to mention, fascinating museums and lots of modern sites to see. We will have free time to spend meandering through the Plaka, the oldest section of Athens. Shop the thousands of unique stores, enjoy the quaint cafes and local delicacies, and browse through the perfect souvenir shops!

These are just a few of the hightlights of the upcoming Spiritual Tour to Greece. As is always the case when travelling with Dehyana, you just never know what surprises and blessings await you!

Please continue to check the activities calendar for the next scheduled tour to Greece. For any further information, contact Jaime Lynn at Untitled Document jaimelynn@anchoringthelight.org, +6 014 7323 819 .

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