Mirroring Your Past,
Present and Probable Future Selves

"Only in the thorough comprehension of the axiom “Man Know Thyself" will come the understanding that enables man to wield the law and know the inner working of the system from the centre to the periphery."  Alice Baily

The world you see is but a reflection of who you think and believe yourself to be. Absolutely everything about you that shows up as people, places and things you yourself have drawn to you to help root out destructive behaviour patterns that perpetuate negative reactions.

In fact, every aspect of your consciousness, both good and so called bad, are out-pictured in your reality. That which makes you feel angry, sad or depressed is but a clue as to what you think and believe about yourself; that which makes you feel happy, joyous and truly alive are the beautiful loving aspects mirroring your Higher Self.

Even your future selves exist in you and will reveal themselves by leaving little destiny clues that inspire you to take action on behalf of your soul, and when you are properly aligned - personality with soul - you feel happy.

Nothing about you will be hidden as you learn to get in touch with feelings and honestly admit how you are being affected by what’s showing up in your space. If you want to get your life on track and are ready to be responsible for creating your reality as a victor instead of a victim, come and take a look into the mirror of your own life and discover that it is possible for you to be the “change that you are looking for in the world”.


  • How you interpret the world reveals says who you are
  • What you refuse to admit is killing you
  • What you hold on to with resentment  and unforgiveness is causing heart disease, HBP and chronic illness
  • Learn the language of feelings and get in touch with feelings without feeling ashamed
  • Discover your core beliefs
  • Addiction and stinking thinking
  • There is a way out, the 7 fold path of undoing

I really want to help you form amazing new beliefs and thoughts about yourself that when put into practice, will bring you health, abundance, happy relationships, spiritual connection to your higher self and above all else, peace.

Love always,