Make Love Your Ministry

An 8 Lesson Course designed to Change your life

Make Love Your Ministry

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Make Love Your Ministry offers you the highest level of spiritual growth and fulfillment. This 8 day intensive course (divided into 4 weekend sessions) will bring you to a level of self knowledge that will both empower and motivate you to awaken to your highest potential by looking at the unconscious guilt that has trapped the light of your soul. From start to finish each lesson is magical, offering you tools to carve new patterns for your life. This course will provoke, challenge and excite you as you learn to harness the power of love that lies at the core of your being. As each lesson unfolds you will understand how a fear based thought system has robbed you of self esteem and confidence. MLYM will help you to recover your spirit and align with an attitude of Self love that will bring out the very best in you. Each weekend focuses on 2 lessons, and includes a BreathWork session that will lead you through the doorway of your heart into the infinite. You will leave the class feeling a deep compassion for yourself and all of life, having realigned your heart and mind with the God presence within you.

  • Lesson 1 – Identify your addictive thought patterns and discover how believing your thoughts drives your behavior.  Here you learn how unmanageable your life is due to the thoughts you’ve given your power to, and that without changing the way you think you will stay stuck in your story.
  • Lesson 2 – Your shadow self. Learn how unconscious guilt seeks punishment and will manifest itself as self sabotaging behavior patterns.  Here you will learn to tap into a power greater than yourself and to recover your Spirit by looking at every aspect of your humanness.
  • Lesson 3 – The legacy of your Father.  In this lesson you will take a fearless and moral inventory of who you are in relationship to your father and discover how he has mirrored your own defects of character. Here you will make peace with your inner male and learn how to father yourself in the many ways you wanted to be fathered.
  • Lesson 4 – The legacy of your Mother. Mom holds the key to your kingdom, especially if you have issues with her. She mirrors your inner female. In this lesson you will take a fearless and moral inventory of who you are in relationship to your mother and in the process discover just how much you miss the balance of unconditional love and compassion. In this lesson you will learn how to bring balance into your life by mothering yourself.
  • Lesson 5 – The Dance of Power.  Adam and Eve, being male and female energies exist as polar opposites within you.  Adam represents the left or thinking side of the brain while Eve represents the right or feeling side.  In order to live with “Intelligence of the Heart”, a divine marriage of self must take place. In this lesson you will learn to balance these two opposing forces of energy.
  • Lesson 6 – Be kind to yourself – Learn to Forgive.  If I see it and I react to it then I must be holding guilt for having thought it, said it or done it. Now I can forgive those who I perceive to have sinned against me because I am first looking at the plank in my own eye instead of pointing to the spec in my brother’s eye. True Forgiveness is recognizing that the sins of humanity are also in me. In this lesson you learn that forgiveness is always for yourself.
  • Lesson 7 – Are you available for God?  Are you in present time or are you using your precious life force energy to keep something dead from your past alive?  Learn how to recover your Spirit by practicing a ‘say yes to life’ attitude and notice how you stay in present time. In this lesson you will also learn how to maintain conscious contact with a power greater than yourself through devotional prayer and meditation
  • Lesson 8 – The Path of a Mystic - The desire for Self knowledge overrides the thought of ever giving up on your soul. As a true spiritual seeker and a serious player in the game of life, you are committed to doing rigorous inner work one day at a time. In this lesson you learn to keep your eyes on yourself and to demonstrate in all that you are and in all that you do the principles of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Each class includes hands on exercises and each participant is encouraged to partake in the group sharing in order to grow and evolve beyond a consciousness of fear to one of unconditional love.

Anchoring the Light Ministry has spread solely by word of mouth over the years, and Dehyana will travel anywhere she is invited for the purpose of teaching. All of Dehyana's workshop topics can be used for 2, 3 or 4 day workshops/retreats. If you are interested in booking an event in your area, please contact Jaime Lynn via the contact page.