The Sacred Solar Feminine

Right Brain Leadership

with Dehyana

Goddess Sektmet

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Designed to awaken the sacred feminine attributes of the right brain, this weekend workshop will challenge your concepts about what it means to experience life as a continuous expression of your authentic self. Perfect for women seeking to call forth and contribute sacred feminine qualities in their own life and to humanity, this two day workshop will show you how to manifest high level integrity by embracing unconditional love, wisdom, power and success.

“By being responsible for our own transformation and by taking committed action to live our lives creatively, joyfully and successfully we become the phoenix rising”

So, if you are looking to bring about more authentic love, power and leadership qualities into your own life, why not join with us for a life transforming weekend filled with self-discovery tools and learn how to bring knowledge into action.

This seminar will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Discover the Sacred/Solar Feminine within you
  • Gain access to the core principles of feminine empowerment and learn how to manifest this power in your personal life, family, business and community
  • Develop impartial self observation and discover how it relates to love, peace, joy and happiness in every area of your life
  • Create sacred fulfilling relationships with both women and men
  • Embrace fully your divine nature and discover how it relates to self esteem
  • Develop mastery over your emotions
  • Understand intuition and learn how to access it
  • Live each day as an expression of your own greatness
  • Embrace fully and live by your core values
  • Embrace commitment and responsibility as the two pillars of self transformation
  • Write the script for your own life with purpose and vision

Anchoring the Light Ministry has spread solely by word of mouth over the years, and Dehyana will travel anywhere she is invited for the purpose of teaching. All of Dehyana's workshop topics can be used for 2, 3 or 4 day workshops/retreats. If you are interested in booking an event in your area, please contact Jaime Lynn via the contact page.