Sunday Meditation

with Dehyana


Anchoring The Light Ministry now offers inspirational Meditations that provide you an opportunity to deepen your connection with Spirit and to share spiritual fellowship with other Truth seekers.

This soulful Sunday morning guided meditation with Dehyana also includes spiritual readings that provide insight and perspective that cause the ‘word’ to come alive!  Every Meditation will open your heart and provoke thinking as you listen to Dehyana in a free flow of spirit communicate directly to your soul divine messages that are fervent, inspiring and practical. 

As you align with your Christ consciousness, you will want to savor the sacred atmosphere Dehyana creates as she guides you through periods of meditation, reflection, devotional prayer and song that will help you encounter the living God in an authentic way.

Seek thee first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.

It is with much love that I invite you to join me

Time: 10:00am
Venue: ATL Centre
1B-39-3, Bachang Mall
Jalan Kesidang 3/11
75200 Melaka

Please continue to check our activities calendar for Sunday Meditation in Melaka.