Master Your Life

Using the 7 Universal Laws

Saturday August 26, Kuala Lumpur

“We live in an orderly universe. There are universal laws that govern the processes of Nature that extend throughout infinity.”
-Albert Einstein

Our life is not supposed to be as dense and hard as it is and how we live it on a daily basis. There was a time when humans walked in harmony with God and Nature; we were truly advanced beings. Looking around at the state of our humanity we can clearly see that we are at a tipping point. Without a spiritual intervention, we will either transition or self destruct.

The Seven Universal Principles that I am excited to share with you are profound wisdom teachings dating back well over 5,000 years, originating in ancient Egypt. They are ancient laws for a “new beginning” and are truly a gift to mankind. When understood and practiced, these laws help us navigate our way out of spiritual darkness back into spiritual light. The great aim of the mystery schools of all ages has been to reveal the workings of Natural Law expressed through these seven basic underlying Principles that govern universal order on its many levels.

If your life is not working, if you're struggling, broke, depressed, facing health issues, or are simply curious, this information will be of great value to you. Proper knowledge of the workings of these laws, aligned with decisive action, will alter who you are being and where you’re coming from. The result is radical transformation.

Are you motivated to change?

Join with me for this one day workshop where you will be activated on the deepest level of your being to remember who you are!

Hope to see you there,


Workshop Details

Date: Saturday August 26
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Heart Works Centre:
A-3-3, Kuchai Exchange, 3rd Floor, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Fee: RM350 (tea breaks and light snacks included)

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