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ACIM Made Easy

an Interactive Workshop

with Dehyana

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Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.
Nothing Unreal Exists.
Herein Lies the Peace of God.

A Course in Miracles comes to us directly from the Christ Consciousness “scribed” through Helen Schucman with its first edition made publicly available in 1975.


To me, A Course in Miracles is truly a modern-day literary marvel designed for the new paradigm of unity consciousness. Its core teachings are brilliant and literally speak to the soul of many who pick up the book by activating an ancient memory of being at one with something greater. The book has an energetic vibe for the New Age of love and light, and for many, it evokes heart felt emotions for a longing to return to Source just by looking at its cover. A Course in Miracles is profound because its core teaching is that you are an emanation of divinity, a beautiful expression of the image and likeness of our Creator. It’s telling you to wake up and claim your inheritance as that.

The essence of the book speaks energetically of pure unadulterated truth that strikes at the heart of anyone who decides to train their mind to think with love through the practice of it’s principles. Often times the book will activate anger in its reader, as it is designed to undo the ego’s thought system, which is based on fear and separation. Of course, anytime we make a decision for love which is based on unity consciousness, the ego will feel betrayed and in retaliation strike back.

“An untrained mind can accomplish nothing” - ACIM

A Course in Miracles offers a way out of this dilemma by providing us with a curriculum for spiritual transformation. Consisting of three books in one: the “Text”, “Workbook” and “Manual for Teachers”, each section is designed to awaken us to the Truth of our being.

This book is for anyone who desires to remember who they are at the deepest level of the soul. I personally have practiced the principles of ACIM in all areas of my life for over 30 years and have found it to be one of the most radical books of our time; it trains the mind to undo the ego’s thought system.

It is my hope that you will join me for this one day workshop to learn the core teachings of ACIM in a very simple and easy to understand way. I will help you uncover its simplicity by explaining its principles through animation, song and story. I have been sharing this book for 3 decades. Although no one can really teach the book because the true teacher and guide is the Holy Spirit, my understanding of ACIM after so many years can shed light on any confusion that you may have concerning it’s teaching.

Whether you are new to the book, or have been practicing it’s principles for a while, no worries, there is something for everyone. It’s going to be fun, eye opening and transformational.

I’m really looking forward to meeting each of you!
With love,


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