Astrology For A New Paradigm

with BreathWorks

July 13 & 14, 2019 Melaka

Have you ever looked at an astrology chart and wished you knew what it meant? Are you interested in human development? Are you a teacher, life coach, psychologist, parent or anyone who wants to better understand the psyche of the people you’re with?

This Class Is For You!

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and is gaining more and more popularity than ever. Why? The Age of Aquarius has dawned, and being a fixed air sign, it’s all about developing the mind. “Astrology for the New Paradigm” offers you a way to do just that.


What’s Your Sign?

What house is your Moon in? Where’s your Jupiter? How many squares do you have? Why do you have 3 empty houses? Sounds crazy eh? Do you want to know what it all means? Let me help you…

First of all, you’re going to learn a whole new language. Astrology is the language of light. And light is information! It speaks to you in symbols, mathematical angles, planets, glyphs, signs, archetypal patterns and a whole lot more. But don’t be scared! Like any language, once you understand the basics, it all makes sense. Over the course of the weekend, I’ll lay out the basic language of Astrology and in no time, you’ll be calling yourself an aspiring astrologer.

Astrologers Never Stop Learning

For those of you who have attended my classes in the past – this will be a great review. Your birth chart is a holographic, multifaceted blueprint of you. Interpreting a chart is like peering through many different windows. So, I will teach you the art of interpretation, and like an artist, you’ll learn how to blend it all together, making you a unique astrologer.

Chrion, Astrological Glyph

Meet Chiron, the wounded healer 

He’s calling you to heal your core wound, particularly over these next 8 years. Understanding Chiron’s placement in your chart will arm you with the knowledge you need to overcome the unconscious fear that’s been bubbling to the surface. 

You’ll need a copy of your birth chart. Don’t have one? Submit your name, date, city and time of birth when you register below. Already have your chart? Check and see if Chiron’s on it. No? Submit your details and we’ll get an updated copy to you.

Over the course of the Weekend, You Will

  • Understand the Houses, Planets and Signs in the natural zodiac.
  • Locate each of the 10 planets in your own chart, know what Sign is on the cusp of each of the 12 houses, and their meaning
  • Understand the different areas of life which are the 12 houses or playing fields for the planets

memorise the fundamental terms and basics of Astrology:

  • 12 Houses / playing fields
  • Cardinal, Fixed and Air Signs
  • Planets and their relationship to the 4 Elements
  • Polarities and the masculine and feminine signs and houses
Astrology Chart

Don’t worry I’ll provide charts and worksheets to help you memorise everything. I’ll also touch on Aspects and Rulerships, but my main focus is to help you gain a clear understanding of Astrology basics.

We’ll break into groups for study and memory quizzes. It’ll be fun. You’ll learn about Chiron and its placement in your chart and what cusp Aries is on because that’s where Chiron is transiting. I’ll touch on other major transits that are happening to add some spice to the mix! But we won’t learn about how to read transits just yet. I’ll save that for another time.

By the end of the weekend, you’ll be able to interpret a chart in a basic way by using two methods

1. Going around the chart from house to house, seeing what’s in there and what it means
2. Understand the Grand Trinity: the Sun, Moon and Ascendant a simple yet insightful way to read your chart

You’ll Give an Astrology Reading

Here’s the fun part! You’re going to swap your chart with someone else in the class and give them a mini reading based on what you’ve learned over the weekend.

Finally, I’m offering you a BreathWorks session Saturday evening. After all the learning and the spinning wheels of the mind gathering so much information, you’ll get to breathe it out. You’ll be as fresh as a fiddle and ready for more learning on Sunday.

Consider “Astrology for a New Paradigm” a retreat weekend. You’re going to stretch your mind, rest the soul, laugh, share and connect with other mighty companions who aspire to be an Astrologer just like you!

Until then, Shine on!
Love Dehyana


  1. Come with an open heart
  2. Do not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment
  3. Always wear white as it sets the tone for the experience of healing
  4. Bring a pillow and a mat if you wish – along with a light blanket (the extremities often get cold during a session)

During the session, you will be fully clothed. First, you will begin by sitting up and setting your intention along with a prayer to the Lord God of your being. When you feel centred you will lie down and begin breathing in and out through the mouth only. It usually takes about one hour of conscious connected breathing to complete a BreathWork session. You will know when the session is complete because I will ring a bell and instruct you to turn on your side. At this point you simply roll over and curl up in the fetal position, relax and breathe naturally. Music will begin to play while you bask in the light and love that you have just breathed in. This time alone with God is most comforting, as here you will feel as though you are being covered by a blanket of grace and that all is well. You will lie here in this feeling of bliss until the music ends, at which point you will hear the final bell. A short amount of time is allotted for stretching/using the bathroom before joining in the circle for sharing.

It is with much love that I look forward to helping you breathe your way into the Kingdom of Heaven.
God Bless!


Details & Registration

Date: Saturday & Sunday, July 13 & 14

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Breathworks: Saturday, 8:00pm

Venue: ATL Centre Melaka
Jalan Kesidang 3/11
75200 Melaka

Fee:  RM450

*A nonrefundable deposit of RM150 will hold your seat; bank account number & details will be emailed to you upon registration. The RM300 balance can be paid on arrival.

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