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John of God Soul Retreat

Beyond the Veil

February 24 – March 10, 2019

Abadiania, Brazil

I Invite You to Join Me

DehyanaMaking the journey to the Casa is a spiritual retreat for the soul and therefore you will be spending a lot of time in quiet introspection, contemplation, meditation and prayer. There is no sight seeing or hiking to be had on this trip. You are here for spiritual recovery. During my stay at the Casa I found that the Entities were as close to me as breathing, and that it was very easy for me to sense them and communicate directly with them! For most people this experience is much the same. You need to be still. Everyone will sense in one way or another a beautiful loving energy surrounding them. Remember, when you first said yes, the spirit entities were already making their presence known through subtle changes that began to take place in your life. You are here to let go and let God. To be healed and to breathe in as much of the loving energy as you can!

Since this trip is about your personal soul growth, I will be available to guide you through your spiritual recovery process by providing support and insight every step of the way. Remember you are always surrounded, protected and cared for by the loving entities. with compassion and mercy, the benevolent spirits are well aware of your needs and what is right for you; this is why John of God does not want you to go for any other healing work that would cause changes in your energy. As a spiritual guide and mother to all, I am there to guide you and give you all the love and support you need and to help you gain clarity as you go through your recovery process.

If you would like to join me on a group trip to the Casa de Dom Inacio for a spiritual recovery process with John of God or you would like more information about future trips, please feel free to email me directly at dehyana@anchoringthelight.org.

Jaime Lynn

 “Jaime, official casa guide & tour coordinator, is here to guide you from registration to arrival, airport transfer, check in & accommodations as well as the strict casa protocol. She also leads our group devotional singing.”

Contact her with any questions.

Who Is John of God?

John of God is a full trans medium with extraordinary capabilities. Through him, over 33 compassionate Spirit Entities heal and touch the lives of millions. Many people are calling John of God the world’s most renowned spiritual healer alive today! In the words of John of God…


 “I do not heal anyone. The one who heals is God, within His infinite goodness allows the Entities to use me as a tool, providing healing and consolation to my brothers and sisters. I am truly only an instrument in His divine hands.”

Spiritual Retreat at the Casa De Dom Inacio, Brazil

Bringing people to the Casa as part of their spiritual recovery process is another beautiful addition to my life’s mission as a spiritual guide and loving mother to all. Everyone is welcome on my trips. I invite those of every religion, and even non-believers as well to join with our group for an extraordinary 2 weeks in Brazil. You only need to be open to the experience.

What Will I Experience at the Casa?

Making the pilgrimage to the Casa de Dom Inacio to visit John of God in Abadiania, Brazil is a beautiful spiritual retreat for the soul. You don’t need to be physically ill to visit the Casa. Since all sickness is spiritual sickness, many people are ‘called’ to the Casa for reasons unknown to them. Some people come seeking spiritual enlightenment, while others make the journey because they have ‘incurable ailments’. It doesn’t matter. Everyone in one way or another is coming for spiritual recovery.

Entities at the Casa de Dom Inacio

The Entities incorporating John of God are those of Masters, Saints, Doctors and Surgeons who once lived exceptional lives on earth and are now in spirit on the other side of the veil. The principle Entity is St. Ignatius Loyola, the Entity for whom the Casa de Dom Inacio is named. St. Ignatius founded the Jesuit Order. He lived in Spain in the 16th century at the time of the Spanish Inquisition. After facing a life of persecution and hardship, he gave up his sword and turned his life toward Christ. Some of the other Entities that incorporate John of God are, Dr Augusto de Almeida, a surgeon and spiritual master performing many of the surgeries, and Dr Jose Valdivino, a surgeon. King Solomon, Master Kuthumi, Oswaldo Cruz a famous Doctor in Brazil, St Germaine and countless others. (When I was there, I experienced the energy of Sai Baba, Mother Mary, Jesus the Christ and Quan Yin). There are countless others!

Another note of interest is that the Casa de Dom Inacio sits upon the deepest crystal bed in the world! It is easy to pierce the veils of illusion here and reach through to the other side and experience the world of spirit.

Daily Schedule

When the Casa is in ‘session’ it means that John of God is present and in Entity; his body has incorporated one of the spirit Entities. This happens twice a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The morning session begins at 8 am and the afternoon session at 2 pm.

There are strict rules and protocols at the Casa which make it run very smoothly. Everyone must follow the protocols. Normally, if you are here for the first time you will go in front of John of God during the Wednesday morning session. Direction will be given to you by the compassionate entities. John of God will take your hand and look into your eyes after scanning your energy field. From there you may be directed to go for “surgery”.

Other directions may involve being invited to sit in the “current” or meditation rooms. If you are given a “surgery” you will be asked to go directly back to your hotel room where you will stay for 24 hours. Food will be brought to you while you rest. You don’t have to worry about a thing, as I will be there every step of the way to guide you through your healing process as well as assist you in following the protocols so that you can get the most out of your spiritual recovery process. During your two week stay at the Casa, you may be in front of John of God several more times as well as spending time meditating “in current”. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ask for healing for family and friends.

Sunset meditation, Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania Brazil

During the days that John of God is not present (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) it is recommended that you spend your time in quiet reflection. Remember, at all times the Spirit Entities are protecting you and loving you as you are under their guidance even though John of God is not present at the Casa.

There is also a very beautiful and sacred waterfall on the Casa property. As part of your spiritual cleansing, we will be making trips there as guided by the Entities. Permission must be granted. You may also be given direction to experience a Crystal healing bath as part of your recovery process. But you can also book an appointment for a session whenever you like!

What the Trip Includes

What You’ll Need To Bring With You

It is a requirement that everyone wear white during Casa session days. If you have “surgery” you must continue to wear white, including white night wear, during your 24hr confinement. During the ‘off days’ you may wear colors. You will need 3 white outfits. We will be in the Casa during John of God sessions which total 6 days. Laundry can be done after wearing your white clothes the first week and they will be nice and fresh to wear again the following week. (I found that I was comfortable wearing white the entire trip! It made it easy to pack, I only brought colors to travel in) The temperature is in the 70’s and 80’s most of the time. Nights are cooler.

  • Modest white clothes (3 outfits are recommended) *laundry services available at the pousada
  • If you can, white sleep wear
  • Enough Coloured clothing for 8 days (should you opt to not wear white throughout the entire tour)
  • Sandals are good, or a light weight sneaker
  • Personal electronics (blow dryers, chargers, etc.) Voltage is 220
  • Bathing Suit for waterfall or sarong (no need to wear white for waterfall)
  • Sun block, sun hat
  • Umbrella

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:


Randee Mayrand
Chiropractor, Canada

“The John of God retreat with Deyhana was an experience of a lifetime. Medium Jao’s healings combined with Dehyana’s teachings were integrated at a deep level and shifted my soul. I look forward to returning with Dehyana again.”


Jean Liao
Graphic Designer, Singapore

“The presence of angels, ascended masters and saints in this sacred place made me feel so loved unconditionally! I received a major healing; after years of dealing with anxiety – it’s virtually gone. I’ve made the journey to Brazil with Dehyana twice – and I look forward to returning again and again!”


Paule Lavalee
Montreal, Canada

“I highly recommend visiting John of God, with Dehyana. The experience is greatly enhanced by her understanding and sharing of knowledge freely and with love. The study of A Course of Miracles was a highlight for me as Dehyana has such a deep understanding of it.”

What Else is Included in the Ground Package?


  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals at the pousada

  • Personal and Group time with Dehyana

  • Assistance at the Casa
  • Orientation and translation services
  • Meditation sessions at the Casa

  • Assistance with Casa protocol

Not Included:

  • International flight to Brazil & visa fees (if applicable)

  • Transportation to and from the airport (arrangements will be made by Jaime)

  • Day trip to Pirenopolis (optional)
  • Crystal bed healing (optional)
  • Blessed water (drinking water)

  • Herbs (if prescribed)

  • Donation to the Casa (optional)

  • Spending money
  • Tips

While You’re There

  • The Crystal shop at the Casa Takes USD and credit cards

  • Sundry shop at the Casa carries everything you need
  • The pousada is equipped with wifi

  • Money Changers in town
  • US Dollars are recommended

John of God Soul RetreatIt is important after your 2 week stay in the Casa that you go directly home. The entities will continue to work on you even after you are home. It is recommended by the entities that you do not travel after being in the Casa. Should you want to travel within Brazil please do so before you arrive.

Tourist Visa

Certain Nationals require a visa prior to entering Brazil. The list of required countries may change without prior notice, so it’s important to check with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate whose jurisdiction you live in whether your nationality requires a visa.

Hotel Details

Hotel San Raphael
Avenida Francisca Teixeira Damas 729
Tel: + 55 62 33432383

Around Town

The Casa is situated in the small town of Abadiania. There are wonderful little shops that you can browse. Plenty of white clothes, hats, crystals, haviana slippers and lots of other goodies are available. It’s a one street town with a few great places to eat with great juice bars where we enjoy some delicious acai berry juice.

Last But Not Least

It is Dehyana’s mission as a spiritual guide and mother to all to provide loving support, spiritual guidance and personal advice during your spiritual recovery process at the Casa. She will spend individual time with each person as needed as well as group meditations and A Course in Miracles study.

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Ground Package Price

Single Occupancy


The ground package price is $1,700 / person. Single accommodation is recommended for this retreat, however if you insist on twin share, the price remains at $1,700.