Death is something we’re all going to face whether we like it or not.

When I was young I thought that everybody lived forever. But as the years went on, the reality of life hit. Death became a real thing. For a while there, the grim reaper came all too often. First he took my grandma, then grandpa, then mom followed by dad, sister, relatives and lots of close friends. It seemed strange that I was walking in the valley of the shadow of death even as life continued all around me.

And then I faced the biggest heartbreak of my life when my husband became ill.

Dehyana and AaronLike a romance novel when I first met him, I felt as though I had met a long lost part of myself! “There you are!”, I thought. A recognition of who he was touched my soul so deeply that these words flew out of my mouth “The God in me loves and honours the God in you” to which he responded the same.

On a side note, the interesting part of this story is that without knowing me he asked me to marry him, and without knowing him, I said yes. “Who’s speaking?” I thought? Like a stereo in one ear I heard “Say yes!” yet in the other ear I heard “He will be with you for twenty years.”

God has His way for each of us but as spiritual beings having a physical experience I have to say first hand that we really do know everything.

Love is magical, timeless and eternal

So in that moment, twenty years seemed like forever until the grim reaper showed up taunting him with a sudden illness that shook us both to the core! All I could hear was “He will be with you twenty years.”

Those words played over and over again in my head

Twenty years to the day, my husband, a beautiful son of God, died and I was left to ponder illness and death and to grieve the loss of my twin soul. All of this has deepened my compassion for anyone facing illness, death and loss. Although we know in Truth that, that which is never born will never die, we as sentient beings must deal with feelings and emotions because they are an integral part of our humanness.

Angel in the Sky

Over the last month, I’ve received so many emails asking for prayers. People writing to tell me about their loved ones facing illness, some of which are terminal. Others have written because they themselves have been diagnosed with cancer. Panic stricken they write, reaching out for some kind of assurance that all will be well. My heart feels for each of them, as I know all too well the pain of facing the unknown when it comes to illness and the possibility of death.

How do you get through it?

How do you deal with the possibility that you may be dying because of a diagnosis? How do you handle the suffering and the pain of sickness or help those around you who simply can’t bear to face the reality of what’s happening?

To each and every one of you, I offer my support by reminding you that even though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, know that God is with you. Know that there are divine healers with you and your loved ones. Visualise angelic hands superimposed over the hands of Doctors and nurses and every care giver working with every patient.

At the same time, allow your emotions to come to the surface. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, even if its anger. Feel it all and then give these emotions to the light.

It’s ok to feel what you feel. This is what it means to be human.

At the same time reach out to others, and know that when you do, you call up their compassion. We all need each other. Don’t judge anything.

With love in your heart be a space for someone to heal.

My prayer is for all sentient beings to be free from suffering. My prayer is for all sentient beings to find peace. And in the words of a dear friend spoken to me so many years ago…We are each of us angels with only one wing and we fly by holding each other.

Take care of yourself and each other
I love you
Dehyana xo

Heart Beat