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Not only is this temple site deeply rooted in Esoteric teachings, it is also the site of a truly astonishing engineering feat. In the 1960s, the new Aswan Dam was built to control the Nile floods, creating Lake Nasser. As a result, nearly 2 dozen sites had to be moved to higher ground. Overseen by UNESCO, the giant figures of Ramses II were carefully sliced into a series of 20-tonne blocks, slowly moved away from the lake piece by piece and fitted back together like a giant puzzle!

The process took over 4 years and the relocation was so precisely measured that twice a year, on the equinoxes, the rising sun still illuminates the faces of the Gods within the inner sanctuary. The combined efforts of the greatest minds of the time managed to literally relocate the temple site, preserving its mystery for the world to admire. Even this historical event has spiritual significance.


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