Today I’m talking about the grandiosity of pride, littleness, and arrogance. You must remember that Grandeur is of God while grandiosity is of the ego.

Turn to ACIM Chapter 9.VIII Grandeur versus Grandiosity.

You Need to Give up the Idea that Your Littleness is Real

The ego is immobilized in the presence of Grandeur because Grandeur is totally without illusions, and being of God, it establishes your freedom. Stay vigilant for Grandeur and don’t allow the ego to attack it.

Grandiosity and Littleness are of the Ego

Pride deludes you into thinking that you are a king sitting on an unreal throne, holding you prisoner to the attacks thoughts in your mind. You place yourself on a pedestal, delusional and in despair. Eventually, you will fall, because none of this is real.

Remember always that you’re not anywhere except in the Mind of God and when you forget this, you will despair and you will attack.

Your Grandeur Will Never Deceive You

But your grandiose illusions always will. Pride will not produce miracles, so dwell in the Grandeur of God where miracles abound and remember always:

I am the Grandeur of God as I am created to be, whole, perfect and complete.

Dear God,

I express Thy Grandeur
In all that I say and do
For you have created me
In your Image and likeness
Whole, perfect and complete
In love, praise and gratitude
for the Grandeur of my very being
I am blessed and ever grateful

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The Two Uses of Time – Chapter 15. 1:

To the ego, the goal is death, which is its end, but to the Holy Spirit, the goal is life which has no end.

We are a species with amnesia. As a result, we have forgotten God. Your past thoughts are creating your future. This is the cycle of insanity, and as you look around there are plenty of insane people reflecting the ego’s thought system.  

Are you one of them? It’s a crazy time on earth, and it’s time to wake up…

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