Harmonic Sound Therapy

Using Elfen Chakra Chimes

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What are Elfen Chakra Chimes?

Elfen Chakra Chimes are individual hand crafted energy chime bars tuned to the C Major scale, the chakra frequencies. They produce a pure silvery tone which resonates for up to 30 seconds, sending healing vibrations to the Chakra system. These sound vibrations are rich in high frequency harmonics, which research has shown to be the healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep relaxation. The incredible resonance of the energy chimes helps to focus the mind in meditation. An externally created sound projected into a dis-eased part of the body may be able to reintroduce the correct harmonic frequency and return the body to its healthy, harmonious vibration.

During a Session:

Lying down, the Elfen Energy chimes are placed on your body, and played in intuitive combinations. The healing sound vibrations shift energy blockages, balance the chakras and realign both your physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance. In this deep state of relaxation, you are slowing down your brainwaves, heartbeat and breath, balancing the nervous and immune system, giving your mind and body the opportunity to de-stress.

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