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Karma, Astrology and the Chakras

An All New Workshop with Dehyana


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“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.  His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results.”
— Yogananda


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what happened to that sense of wonder you had as a child?  Do you notice that as you get older you become a little more afraid, suspicious, more serious, and often times depressed?  Do you find yourself living your life in quiet desperation and longing?  If you’re honest you can relate to at least one of these…possibly two or more!

Identifying with the roles you play, attached to constructs, concepts, ideas and limiting beliefs while finding it difficult to let it go is the result of your karma.  Habits due to karma remain crystallized in the astral body that follow you from lifetime to lifetime. 

You may think that you are spiritually evolved because you have accumulated a lot of information and are intellectually proud of it.  But on the other hand, you still find it difficult to express your true Self as an aspect of God.  Do you hide, pretend, and lie to yourself about your truest heartfelt wants and desires?  If you are not speaking your truth, running from or avoiding, unable to set clear boundaries, or have difficulty saying no, then you have to know that you are caught in the illusion of Maya and have identified yourself as a separate self and as that ‘Karma’ has a hold on you!

“Karma only penetrates to the level of will in the mind” —Amma

With all these dysfunctional habits and deep grooves in the mind, the will remains undeveloped, so around and around you go on the wheel of samsara, caught in a loop of negative karma.  All of this effects your soul’s nature leaving Samskara’s (crystallized imprints) in the chakras – (subtle energy centres in the spine where your karma is stored) which you carry from one incarnation to the next. If you want to know everything about yourself – understand your chakras and the power of the planetary forces working through your chakras and everything in your life will change.

Astrologically speaking, all human suffering is a result of the inability to express the full energy of the planets. —Yoga and Vedic Astrology

I am delighted to present to you the principles of the Science of light based on ancient Vedic Astrology.   You will uncover where you are stuck, why you are stuck and how you can get yourself to the next level of your soul’s evolution by understanding the seven planetary rays and how they must be fully integrated into your being in order put an end to suffering.  Enlightened beings express all of these forces with ease.

If you plan to attend and have an astrology chart please bring it along. If you have children and are interested in learning more about them by seeing the portrait of their soul’s karma, you can submit your details  for your complete Astrology chart & interpretations. It is not necessary to have a chart for this workshop, however, if you’re interested in relating the information directly to your birth chart, please submit your details:  city/country, time, date and year of birth here and Jaime will email your personal Astrology chart.  You can then print it out and bring it along.

Together We Will Look at:

  • Understanding the Chakras – the inner zodiac
  • Becoming acquainted with the Planets – the outer zodiac
  • Planetary forces and how they affect you
  • The Birth Chart as a portrait of your soul’s karma. What’s my karma?

  • Relationship with the planets imprinted in your Chakras
  • Integrating the inner zodiac of the chakras to the outer zodiac in order to reach an enlightened state.
  • Astrology – Houses, Signs, Elements and the three Gunas
  • How this information can help you by putting it all together to find solutions
  • Bringing Presence into your life.
  • Taking action, putting an end to Karma

This is such a vast topic and can be studied over an entire lifetime.  However, this workshop will provide you with enough information in order for you to know and understand your “why’s” more fully, the good, the bad and the ugly.  By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer vision of what needs transforming as well as how to go about it so that you can use your body as a vehicle to be the highest and best expression of all that God would have you be.

See you there,
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