A Course In Mind Training

with Dehyana


Trying times demand Truth. No more middle ground. You are either living in Truth or you are living in falsehood. Spirit or body identification. Which side are you playing on? There is no greater teacher than your heart. We must purify, transform and ascend to the level of the indwelling Christ by training the mind to stay focused on the goal. God IS, I AM, All is well.


Remember, God’s teachers are those who are willing to fulfil their function of forgiveness, by accepting the atonement for themselves. In this one day workshop we will examine not only the barriers to the presence of love but deepen our understanding of the characteristics of Gods teachers as taught by Jesus the Christ in A Course in Miracles. With so many Ascended Masters working diligently from Spirit realm I will also include some of the ancient wisdom teachings as taught by those such as Sathya Sai Baba and the Brotherhood of Light.

We all know that we are living in very trying times. Our world could come to an abrupt end as we know it. Everywhere you look from government to climate change and pretty much everything in between, chaos and uncertainty is present. Without sounding like a fear monger, the great tribulation is upon us. We must all cultivate good thoughts, words and deeds and transmute all our thoughts into expressions of love and discover that love is immortal.

Mindfulness and self-awareness is the beginning of mind training. With spiritual discipline and practice we come into alignment with a cosmic intelligence that governs absolutely everyone and everything. Now life becomes fun! Which side of the fence do you want to play on?

Why not join us in a unified field of possibility in this one day workshop as we delve into the characteristics of God’s teachers that prove, without a doubt, that you are created out of love to be a messenger of the Divine and the embodiment of love, peace and truth on earth as it is in heaven.

See you there,
Showers of love


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I’m passionate about sharing truth and transforming lives, and willing to travel anywhere I’m invited for the purpose of helping people to wake up from the dream of illusion, and live a joyful, vital and creative life! All of my workshops can be tailored into 2, 3 or 4 day retreats and I highly recommend adding a BreathWorks™ session for accelerated transformation.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with me; let’s work together to create more love, light and harmony in your area!


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