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Heal The Past

Look Into The Mirror Of Life

with Dehyana

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All relationships mirror what we hold in our mind whether we are conscious of it or not. From parents and children to our universal family and friends …We are all Reflections of one another!

The World Is A Reflection Of You


Do You Like What You See?

The world you see is but a reflection of who you think and believe yourself to be. From your very first environment being your mother’s womb and everything in-between before you are laid to rest in the tomb, the world is mirroring your subconscious imprints, blueprints, concepts and beliefs. Unless you bring this darkness into your awareness to be forgiven, you will continue to live a life of quiet desperation. Absolutely everything about you – both known and unknown is reflected by the people in your space!

What you may or may not know is that you yourself have drawn everything that you are currently experiencing into your life for the purpose of awakening to your greater self. Remember, it’s the unconscious imprints, blueprints, concepts and limiting beliefs that get projected. We have been programmed and taught what to think and what to believe by unconscious adults, and now we must undo this fear-based thought system by forgiving the past and training our minds to think with love.

The name of the game is to wake up and become a conscious creator.

What Your Takeaway Will Be:

  • First step: am I willing to be responsible for everything in my life?

  • If you are a parent you will discover new parenting skills through the process of mirroring

  • How you interpret the world reveals what you believe about yourself
  • Discover your imprints, blueprints and negative beliefs and then change them!

  • All illness is mental illness…what you think affects your biology

  • The devastating effects of shaming

  • Discover the barriers to the presence of love

  • There is a way out, the 7 fold path of recovery

I am very excited to do this inner work with you because it is absolutely life changing. Join with me for this one day workshop and discover that your future self is with you now and has in fact, been with you all along. The part of you that is whole, perfect and complete is waiting to be embraced and loved. Are you ready?

Love always,


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I’m passionate about sharing truth and transforming lives, and willing to travel anywhere I’m invited for the purpose of helping people to wake up from the dream of illusion, and live a joyful, vital and creative life! All of my workshops can be tailored into 2, 3 or 4 day retreats and I highly recommend adding a BreathWorks™ session for accelerated transformation.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with me; let’s work together to create more love, light and harmony in your area!