The Fingerprints of the Gods

A Souljourn with ATL

10 Nights 11 Days
Date TBA

We are at a crucial time on our planet when everything seems to be out of balance.

The Earth’s energy has shifted to the Andes making it a powerful portal for Aquarian light to enter. The Kundalini of the earth resides here so its all about the mother, her nature…your true nature.

The minute you answer the call to Souljourn in Peru, both miracles and magic from Divine Mother begin to work on you.

Once you arrive in her land, she’ll begin to recalibrate you and align you in body, mind and soul so you can return home in service of the Divine as the light of the world.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Andean mountains await your return…

“To this day, I can still feel the embrace of the mountain energies hugging me! I was moved to tears by the generosity of the Peruvian people. Raul, Dehyana and Jaime went the extra mile every step of the way to make this journey so sacred and unforgettable.”
~ Sue Oneschuk, Windsor, Canada

Sue Oneschuk Testimonial

It is said that Peru is a land visited by Star people thousands of years ago.

Gods with elongated skulls who brought wisdom and knowledge of Sacred Geometry, harnessing of earth energy, Astronomy and Astrology, anti-gravity, solar alignments, moon temples, water temples, spirals, vortexes and so much more.

Gate of the Gods, Peru

Being a real history and archeology buff, I’m absolutely thrilled to be heading back to Peru. As both a teacher and student of the mysteries and a “follower of Horus,”  when spirit calls, I answer!  

Years ago I was “called” to climb the mountain of me and walk along the spine of the Andean Mountains in Peru where I would tap into the spirituality of the Inkas as well as the Pre-Columbian peoples, and connect with the wisdom and knowledge of the Star people. I had many past life memories. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. 

From Tiwanaku, Bolivia to Markawasi, Peru and many sacred sites between, I experienced altered states of consciousness. The following years brought us to Northern Peru where we visited, completely void of tourists, temples, pyramids and sacred sights that absolutely blew my mind! No one was there, we were alone. It seems like everyone heads to Machu Picchu, completely overlooking some of the oldest and most sacred power spots in Peru.

And this is exactly where we’re heading in June 2020. Sacred sites nearly forgotten by time…interested?

“Every site we visit is considered a sacred power spot to spiritually activate the soul. Ancient energies that get into you and make you want to fall in love with love itself.

And so it is with prayerful hearts that we’ll give honour to Pachamama and Pachatata (female and male earth deities) as we anchor the light of gratitude.”


Day 1: Lima, Arrival & Orientation

Lima, peru
  • Airport transfer

  • Overnight Lima, Jose Antonio Hotel

After a long flight to Lima International Airport (Jorge Chavez), you will be greeted by our agent and transferred to the hotel for a rest and orientation.

Day 2: Lima: City Tour

Huaca Pucclana, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Group session with Dehyana

  • Overnight Lima, Hotel Jose Antonio

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

We begin our day with a tour of Lima – the old city of the kings. We’ll start with Huaca Pucllana, a fascinating adobe and clay pyramid located in the Miraflores district of Lima, dating back to roughly 500 AD. After our official welcome lunch, we’ll continue exploring the city with a tour of Modern & Colonial Lima. We’ll return to the hotel in the late afternoon for a group session with Dehyana followed by a free evening.

One of the most enigmatic and mysterious places in Peru

Caral is thought to be the mother culture of the Andean people and is an ancient metropolis that covers an area of 163 acres, set on a desert plateau. The Caral-Supe civilisation lived in what is now known as Norte Chico in Peru, an area that stretches along the coast from the centre to the northern tip of the country. With six flat-top pyramid structures built in a circle around a massive plaza, along with huge sunken amphitheatres, we’ll anchor the light of music into our soul in celebration of the Solstice sun.

Day 3: Lima – Barranca – Aspero

Aspero, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Sacred ceremony with Dehyana

  • Overnight Barranca, Chavin Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

After breakfast, we have an early morning transfer to the Barranca district. We’ll check in to our hotel and have a short rest followed by lunch. We’ll then make our way to Aspero: the Late Preceramic site of the ancient Norte Chico civilisation, dating back to 3700-2500 BC, for a guided tour and a beautiful sunset meditation / ceremony in preparation of the summer solstice. We’ll return to the hotel for a free evening.

Music is the language of the gods

With our brother Raul, our guide extraordinaire and master musician our ‘Souljourn’ to higher states of consciousness begins. Here we will sing praises to God with Raul playing the flute and Jaime on the guitar we will use song to praise God for absolutely everything!

Caral emanates a sense of magic, mystery and majesty

Built to harness earth energy, its many vortexes are portals to higher states of consciousness that will set your soul flying free. This place is very mysterious, with no warring weapons ever found. In fact, the most interesting discoveries at Caral were musical instruments! Flutes made of bone, and many other so called primitive instruments to beckon the spirits. Perhaps if you are lucky, with the Solstice Sun at its zenith, you’ll hear the whisper of ancient songs speak melodies to open your heart.

There is so much more to say about Caral. But I’ll save it until we meet in person!

Day 4: Caral – Lima

Caral, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Sacred ceremony with Dehyana

  • Free time

  • Overnight Lima, Jose Antonio Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

We have an early morning transfer to the Mother city of Caral, known as the most ancient city of the Americas. This sacred cite was home to a gentle and peaceful society; no trace of warfare has ever been found at Caral, only musical instruments. We’ll have a special ceremony here anchoring the light of the summer solstice, followed by a guided tour and free time. Following lunch, we’ll return to the hotel for a free evening.

Day 5: Lima – Huacachina – Nazca

Huacachina, Peru
  • Private Coach

  • Photo ops

  • Overnight Nazca, DM Hotel (or similar)

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

Road trip! The lovely scenic drive will take us from Lima to Nazca, allowing plenty of time to talk about all that we’ve seen and experienced, as well as what’s to come. We’ll stop in the coastal town of Paracas for lunch and then continue on to Huacachina Oasis for a chance to stretch our legs and check out the sand buggies! We’ll arrive in Nazca around 6pm for a free evening.

We’re ready to take flight

Soaring high above the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru, as viewed from a plane, numbering in the thousands are mystifying ‘Nazca Lines’ or geoglyphs. An estimated 170 square miles of geometric motifs. Scratched on the ground, yet only visible from the air, you’ll see thousands of creatures both from the human imagination and the natural world. Lines dating from 200BC to 500AD. Who made them and why?

Let your imagination soar

Allow your intuition speak to you of a time when the gods came down and walked on earth, leaving mysterious fingerprints.

“The people of Nazca used the sacred spaces to elevate themselves in order to communicate with the deities.”
— Giuseppe Orefici, Ph.D (Dir., Antonini Museum)

Without a doubt, we’ll find ourselves in a high state of love, praise and gratitude in Cahuachi!

Karma has brought us together to celebrate the activation of the Solstice Sun and to radiate that light as extensions of God.

According to Nazca legend, the gods who came down to Earth had elongated heads, much like the distended skulls of the controversial Egyptian Akhenaton, to share their genius. Again, with heartfelt gratitude, we take time in prayer and meditation to elevate our soul to communicate with the deities and the Star people, offering our love through dedication to Truth. In ancient times spirituality was the most important thing in Cahauchi, It is a very sacred place that evokes special energy…breathe it in!

Could it be that you’ve been drawn here as in ancient times to connect with your spiritual essence in a more authentic way?

Day 6: Cahuachi Pyramids – Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Sacred ceremony with Dehyana

  • Overnight Lima, Jose Antonio Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

We have a very early morning with a 5am transfer to the Seer’s pyramid of Cahuachi for a sacred ceremony, complete with ritual and meditation with Dehyana. We’ll enjoy a guided tour and some free time before lunch. Next, we’ll make our way to the Nazca aerodrome for an unforgettable flight over the mysterious Nazca lines! We’ll then return to Lima in time for dinner and a free evening.

I loved this trip! And I know I will return to Peru again.
I felt like I was coming home…The ancient Inca temples, Dehyana’s teachings, amazing energies, the hospitality, Raul’s music; all made for a wonderful trip.
~ Dena Peifer, Windsor, Canada

Dena Peifer, Canada

Day 7: Lima – Cusco – Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Sacred ceremony with Dehyana

  • Flight from Lima to Cusco

  • Overnight Sacred, Valley Amak Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

After a buffet breakfast, we’ll transfer to the Lima airport to catch our 10am flight to Cusco city. From there, we’ll transfer to the Sacred Valley of the Inkas and enjoy a delicious local lunch. We’ll check in to the hotel and rest in order to adjust to the high altitude. We have a special ceremony with an offering to Pachamama in the late afternoon. Dinner and a free evening are yours to enjoy.

In the Sacred Valley we’re surrounded by a landscape rich and fertile, surrounded by mountains. As part of our Souljourn, we welcome a local Shaman to be with us. With Raul playing the flute, our Shaman will prepare a traditional Despacho (gift) to Pachamama in a sacred ceremony to the divine elements and the four corners of the earth. Together with an intention of love, praise and gratitude, we’ll offer our life in service to the Mother for all her unconditional love and support.

Day 8: Sacred Valley of the Inkas

Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Panoramic train to Aguas Calientes

  • Free time

  • Shopping opportunity

  • Overnight Aguas Calientes, Tierra Viva Machupicchu Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

After breakfast, we’ll transfer to Pisac Inka site for a walking tour and guided visit. You’ll have free time here to connect with the energy of this sacred land. After lunch, we’ll enjoy a panoramic visit of the Salt Valley of Maras en route to Ollanta, where you’ll have time to explore on your own. At 6:30, we’ll catch the expedition-panoramic train to Aguas Calientes.

This view will take your breath away

One of the main attractions and considered by many the crown jewel of Peru is Machu Picchu known as the lost city of the Inkas, or the City of Light or Crystal city for Initiates. 

The strong energetic ley lines will enliven your spirit with joy. Grids of natural beauty and powerful energy will lift your spirt high, making the climb to the crystal city very easy. It is believed that Macchu Pichu served as an initiation centre for higher learning. 

We’ll have lots of down time here to meditate, sing, share stories or simply relax and take in the view of the surrounding mountains.  Rainbows arch over the mountains on rainy days and lamas welcome you around every corner, rain or shine!

You’re standing on holy ground here. 

Allow the earth energies to rise up from the soles of your feel and altar your DNA to bring you ever closer to the Truth.  God is.  I am.  All is well.  There are no words as this is truly an experience to be had.

Day 9: Machupicchu Sanctuary

Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Guided tour

  • Sacred ceremony with Dehyana

  • Panoramic train to Ollantaytambo

  • Private Coach to Cusco

  • Overnight Cusco, Tierra Viva Cusco Hotel

  • Breakfast & Lunch included

We have an early start today! Our 6am transfer will get us to Machupicchu sanctuary by 7am for a short meditation, guided visit and walking tour. We’re hiking to the Sun gate (Intipunku) for a sacred ceremony to connect with nature. We’ll return to Aguas Calientes for lunch and catch the 4:30 train back to Ollantaytambo, and transfer via private coach to Cusco city.

Day 10: Cusco

  • Guided tour

  • Shopping opportunity

  • Flight to Lima

  • Overnight Lima Jose Antonio Hotel

  • Breakfast Lunch & Dinner included

After a buffet breakfast, we’ll enjoy a guided tour of the the Main Inka temple of Coriancha, The Main Square and the local market of San Pedro. We’ll have our farewell lunch in the city and then continue to Sacsayhuaman & Tambomachay sites. We transfer to Cusco airport at 5pm for our flight to Lima.

Day 11: Lima Farewell!

Cusco, peru
  • Airport transfer

  • Breakfast included

After an incredible journey, it’s time to bid farewell to beautiful Peru. Our agents will assist you to catch your flights back home.

What’s Included in the Ground Package?


  • 10 nights accommodation in 3 star hotels, based on twin / double occupancy

  • Airport transfers & transportation in private coach

  • Domestic flights: LIMA – CUSCO CUSCO – LIMA, Overflight in NAZCA LINES

  • Daily breakfast & lunch

  • All entrty fees

  • Meditation, teaching and group work with Dehyana

  • All rituals and ceremonies

  • Guided tours

  • Peruvian Taxes

  • 24 hours assistance

Not Included:

  • International flight to Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM)

  • Fees, tariffs, or taxes for international flights.

  • Excess baggage charges

  • Visa fees (if applicable)

  • Personal expenses

  • Extra food / beverages

  • Travel Insurance

  • Tips

Ground Package Price:

USD 4075 twin or double accommodation

*Single accommodation may be available, please inquire below

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“Spending time in the beautiful mountains of Peru was so healing on so many levels. Standing in the midst of Mother Nature being guided by a traditional shaman was exactly what my soul needed. Not only did I learn about ancient traditions but I left the trip feeling fulfilled and truly ‘held’ by God/divine mother.”
~ Jennifer Veliov, Toronto Canada

Jennifer Veliov, Peru
Velislav Veliov, Peru

“Experiencing the country, culture and beliefs was extremely moving; it was an honour to experience the local traditions with a Shaman. I could absolutely feel the nurturing power of Mother Earth and many of the things I witnessed in Peru have left me in awe and disbelief…even to this day!”
~ Velislav Veliov, Toronto Canada