Stop Trying to Fit In!

Dare to be different. Dare to be YOU!

Meditation = No Tension

A simple and quick method to get you out of your head and into the flow!

Reflection & Guided Meditation
ACIM L.69 

The guided meditation begins at 4:00. Enjoy!

Celebrating International Women’s Day


Offerings to Sekhmet

Planetary energies for March 2019, a bit about Mother Sekhmet and the upcoming women’s workshop on March 16.

Reflection & Guided Meditation
ACIM L.62 & Chapter 8 – VII

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness, right now, with this free meditation!

Return to the Kingdom

Grace is the natural state of every son of God. Connect to that state in this guided meditation.

Guided Meditation
on ACIM L. 47 & 48

Guided Meditation
on ACIM L. 41

Guided Meditation
ACIM Lesson 34
Chapter 5

Talk & Short Guided Meditation
ACIM The Song Of Prayer