Women of Glory
Offerings to Sekhmet


with Dehyana

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Imagine yourself sitting in a circle that you made by tying a string of paper dolls together. Each paper doll represents an aspect of you that you want to transform. Now envision yourself sitting at the centre of your circle and that you are awake to your shortcomings, character defects, negative thoughts and beliefs and all the hardened places in you that have kept you living as a shadow. This is what you will offer to Mother Sekhmet. These are the offerings of your heart that you know need to be transformed in the fires of her love.

Mother Sekhmet is inviting you to do the work of alchemical change at the deepest level of your being.

This is not easy work, but it is a requirement of the Mother. She trains you by taking you into the dark underworld of your psyche and having you face all that’s there! But in her fierce love, she brings you into the light of illumination. With every offering that you give her, she assists you to create a new reality for yourself that will move you forward in your life. She is the black Madonna…a living breathing Spirit who guides you through a profound transformation of self.  


“Devotion to the Mother and an attitude of willingness is a requirement. Freedom from the past is the result.”

If you want to “come out” as a woman of Glory, you have to go down, down, down. Down into the depths of your soul and own who you who are, who you’ve been and who you show up as and clean it up. Full stop!


Mother Sekhmet in her compassion sets the stage for you to own your part in the creation of your story and then through her love moves you toward the forgiveness of self

Mother Sekhmet needs you to assist her in bringing back truth, balance and harmony on earth, and you can’t do that as an angry, bored or fed up woman. You are here to turn that anger into creativity. You are here to unleash the glory and flow with the river of life wherever it might lead! You are here to make a difference. You are not here to live a mediocre life. You are not here to simply survive. Come on sister….open your heart, stand tall in the midst of your shame, blame, victim and rage and know that your heart has the capacity to own all of it.

This is the beginning of our deep inner work; we submit ourselves to the transformational process of the fierce, yet compassionate Mother Sekhmet. With her we are ready to take the plunge into the underworld of our psyche and look at, I mean really look at what’s there and own it.  

There is greatness in you. There is power in you. There is might, and genius and grace in you. But, where is it? Why is your light so dim? Where is that heartfelt smile? What’s not working for you? Where’s your voice? Have you fallen into an abyss of boredom, restlessness or depression? Have you settled for less than what you’re entitled to? Does your life look like a flat line on a heart monitor? Where has your joy, vitality and juice for life gone?  

We will become aware of the consequences of negative thoughts, words and deeds from the past in the presence of Mother Sekhmet!

This is our coming out celebration! Together we bear witness for each other in total acceptance of who we are! So let your hair down sister. Relax and know that you are not what you have thought yourself to be. And what you’ve thought yourself to be shows up as the life you have today. Don’t like what you’ve gotten so far? You can absolutely change the trajectory of your life. So Let’s get on with what needs changing by first offering our past to the Mother!

“Submit to Sekhmet and she will devour all that you offer her…and then be ready for change at the deepest level of your sou!”

You don’t want to miss it. A full day at our centre in Melaka in the presence of Sekhmet. We’re doing the work of alchemical change in a safe space with other like-minded women who have one goal in mind. To be a change agent in their own lives and in the world. Powerful, lighthearted, joyous, creative and fiercely loving.

Together we claim “I am a woman of Glory, feminine and free!” 

Here’s What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Listening to an ancient story of transformation

  • Being open to share your story

  • Asking questions

  • Giving and Receiving

  • Reflecting on your life

  • Creating a sacred circle with paper dolls 

  • Sharing your story from a place of empowerment.
  • Owning who you are

  • Sitting in your sacred circle in silence and prayer

  • Offering your story to Sekhmet

**If you would like to bring a flower or personal power object to lay at the feet of Sekhmet please feel free.

It’s going to be oh so good!  
See you there in all your glory,


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