Conscious Connected BreathWorks

with Dehyana


The power to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is no further than your very breath.

I have been “breathing” people for nearly 20 years and founded this powerful technique of conscious connected breathing through a very personal life-altering experience. It was from my own awakening in the light that I was “breathed” by spirit and given a clear message that I am to channel light force techniques that will help the breather heal any mutations in their DNA from past memories that have prevented them from aligning with the higher light frequencies.

Over the years I’ve been amazed at the many healings that have taken place. From the release of addictions and debilitating anxiety disorders to the forgiveness of childhood trauma and even the healing of breast cancer, I have witnessed many miracles. Breathing consciously is the gateway into the next threshold of light which is Christ consciousness, and it is literally a fast track into the Kingdom of God.

BreathWorks is not complicated at all. I encourage all participants to wear white so that the body mind and spirit are aligned and aware that you are ready to begin the healing process. Each session begins with having you set your intention…

Then you will pray by invoking the light of the Christ within you to come forth. When you feel centred and ready to begin the breathing technique, you lie down. I will then instruct you to drop your mouth open and consciously take the breath in, as BreathWorks is nothing more then open mouth conscious connected breathing. To begin, pull up on the inhale by drawing the breath in all the way to the top portion of your lungs to where trauma is stored, and then let go – exhale and surrender to the process. There is no forcing of the breath on either the inhale or the exhale. Simply connect with the breath; it’s as easy as that. BreathWorks is circular uninterrupted rhythmic breathing; it is very simple to do, extremely powerful and naturally healing. Once you’ve had an experience of conscious connected breathing you will never underestimate the power of your breath again. It is pure life force filling your lungs with trillions of light molecules; the flower of life giving life – by the grace of God.

What takes place is truly miraculous. Through this powerful breathing experience, every cell in your body will begin to vibrate and spin at a very high frequency throwing away toxins which are breathed out with every exhale. Any mutations in your DNA are then up for healing, and if you stay open and continue to breathe consciously, they will be healed by the light force frequencies that you are breathing into your body. Every conscious breath you take brings you closer to your God self and you are left feeling more physically and spiritually energized. Not only does conscious breathing remove negative and emotional blocks, but it increases your awareness to stay in present time so that you can make choices that serve your highest good, and as a result be less dictated by old beliefs and traumas. If you choose to stay conscious throughout the entire session you will have a direct experience of God in your body that will give you an amazing feeling of self confidence and self love. I am not healing you. You are healing yourself. But with the gift of spirit at my side, I will facilitate and love you while you draw on the power of your own breath to anchor more light and love into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It’s truly an exhilarating experience.

How to Prepare for a BreathWorks Session:

  1. Come with an open heart
  2. Do not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment
  3. Always wear white as it sets the tone for the experience of healing
  4. Bring a pillow and a mat if you wish – along with a light blanket (the extremities often get cold during a session)

During the session, you will be fully clothed. First, you will begin by sitting up and setting your intention along with a prayer to the Lord God of your being. When you feel centred you will lie down and begin breathing in and out through the mouth only. It usually takes about one hour of conscious connected breathing to complete a BreathWork session. You will know when the session is complete because I will ring a bell and instruct you to turn on your side. At this point you simply roll over and curl up in the fetal position, relax and breathe naturally. Music will begin to play while you bask in the light and love that you have just breathed in. This time alone with God is most comforting, as here you will feel as though you are being covered by a blanket of grace and that all is well. You will lie here in this feeling of bliss until the music ends, at which point you will hear the final bell. A short amount of time is allotted for stretching/using the bathroom before joining in the circle for sharing.

It is with much love that I look forward to helping you breathe your way into the Kingdom of Heaven.
God Bless!


ICCB with Dehyana Sessions combine Guided Spiritual Recovery and BreathWorks. The blending of these two modalities is powerful and integral to your healing process, it is like having a spiritual intervention. It is a very empowering program that brings you the gift of mindfulness and awareness for the release and integration of repressed or disowned aspects of yourself. It teaches you how to drop your defences and accept all parts of your being. It opens your heart to self-acceptance and expands your mind to the infinite possibilities that already exists within you. The entire process awakens you to realize that you are more than you think when you take full responsibility for your life. It awakens you to the truth, that a Divine power is in your soul and is at work in your life at all times, and that by connecting with it, you get into the flow of your own creative spirit and live in harmony with all that is.