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“The Power of an Open Heart.”

New Year Retreat 2023

A Whole New World

with Dehyana

in Melaka, Malaysia

Live Classes


Every Sunday
10 am Malaysia  (UTC+8)
Saturdays 10 pm  Toronto (EST)

Live on

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Soul Astrology

Full & New Moons
8 pm Malaysia (UTC+8)
8 am Toronto  (EST)

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The Science of Manifestation

Online Course
with Dehyana

Remember the Matrix? The bending of spoons?
Well, this is what I’m talking about but on a more expanded level!


Private Sessions with Dehyana

ICCB BreathWorks Session

Integral Conscious Connected BreathWork

The Most Comprehensive Session

ICCB uses BreathWork techniques combined with a ‘Guided Spiritual Recovery’ program tailored just for you.

Guided Spiritual Recovery

Identify and transcend your limiting thoughts & beliefs

Root Out Your Issues

Acquire practical tools for transformation so that you can become the author rather than the victim of your life.

Soul Astrology Session

An intuitive reading of your soul astrology chart

A Tool for Transformation

Your Astrology chart outlines your innate talents, gifts and identifies patterns of negativity.

Skype / Virtual Sessions

Have your 1:1 session in the comfort of your own home!

Can't Make it to the ATL Centre?

No Problem! All of the sessions are available online. Appointments are shown in your timezone.

Egypt 2022

Lift the Veil of Isis
October 9 – 23, 2022

Take a Few Minutes to Centre:

with Dehyana’s 10 minute Chakra cleansing guided meditation