Mystical Egypt

Lift the Veil of Isis
Women’s Tour

with Dehyana

10 Days of Transformation
(Dates TBA)

Isis, Queen of Heaven

is resurrecting you,

re-membering your fragmented Self. 

As she put the body of her beloved Osiris

back together and resurrected him,

so will she with you.

Lift the Veil of Isis

Isis embodies every aspect of the sacred feminine. She is mother, queen, daughter, sister, wife, widow, refugee, and saviour. As everything, Isis works to dissolve the “I know egoic mind” and turns you inward where you are “reachable and teachable”

Are you Ready?

Once you say Yes to Mother Isis, you have great responsibilities as a woman.

“I am everything that was, everything that is, that will be, and no mortal has yet dared to lift my veil.” 

The Journey Begins

Together in a sisterhood of white light under the direction, protection, and power of the Great Mother Isis, Queen of Heaven, you will learn how to harness the energy of the sacred feminine and give birth to your immortal self!

Equipped with the wisdom teachings of Isis, transformation of the heart and liberation of the soul is not only possible but guaranteed.

The path of immortality requires devotion, dedication, and discipline. As a woman, you are the beloved daughter of Mother Isis. She will reveal her wisdom and the mysteries of the Cosmos to you and bring you under her guidance, reminding you always that you are an immortal being of love. 

Mother Isis is both a prophetess and a great teacher to her son Horus, the Soul, and you dear woman are that soul. The Mother is the teacher, reminding you always that you are an immortal being of love.

As we enter the new age of Aquarius, powerful cosmic rays of light are descending to cleanse and purify the earth. 

Jen Liao Testimonial

“You MUST join Dehyana’s Egypt tour if you are a serious spiritual seeker. Although tailored for growth and ascension, it also includes tourist sites and classical tours, which is awesome. I’ve been 3 times with Dehyana and her group always gets the royal treatment; private time and permission to enter sacred temples and pyramids. Each tour has had a profound effect on me; I will go back again and again for as long as Dehyana is taking groups there!”

~ Jen Liao, Malaysia

Altar in Philae, Egypt

Purification is Necessary in Order to Birth the Light.   

The evolutionary process is quickening and changing our DNA as powerful cosmic energies flood the planet. We are entering a new cycle. Isis teaches us about Lunar time, Solar time, and Cosmic time.   

Astrology is Absolutely Relevant to the Mother

Isis as the star Sirius is in a binary star system with our Sun; she gives birth to the light. You too are birthing the light with Isis midwifing the entire process.

You’ll have quiet time to reflect and contemplate,
an Initiates handbook filled with information and blank pages for you to journal your experience.
A cherished treasure to take home with you.

On this sacred path of initiation, you’ll be introduced to other aspects of Mother Isis; as her sister Nephtys, as Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess, Hathor the beautiful lady of the stars, Goddess Maat, and many others from the entire pantheon of Neters.

In Goddess Hathor’s temple at Dendara, the mysteries of the Cosmos are revealed. You’ll see with your own eyes and experience just how relevant astrology is to the Mother.

You’ll learn the esoteric meaning in the story of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and discover how privileged you are to be born a woman. Isis will show you how to heal your mind, body and soul. In her beloved temple in Philae, in sacred initiation, you’ll have the opportunity to stand face to face with the great Mother!

Egyptian Goddesses

Will You Dare to Lift Her Veil to See Reality? 

On this path of awakening in Egypt with the great Mother Isis as our guide, you’ll gain so much confidence. You’ll believe in yourself as never before. Your self-image will improve immensely and you’ll be made whole again; mother Isis will see to it!

And so it is in a sisterhood of love that you now have the strength of will and determination to succeed as a Self-empowered woman in service to the Mother.

10 Days of Transformation, Including

Devotional Singing and Drumming

Group Sharing (ACIM Study)

Wisdom of Astrology as Taught by the Ancients

Divine Masculine and Feminine Principles and How to Apply them to Your Life

Sacred Rituals and Initiations

Looking Into the Mirror of Yourself with the Great Mother Isis

Healing in Mind, Body and Soul

Requirements of the Goddess

Universal Laws as Instructed by the Great Isis

Isis Wings

The Great Mother Isis brings Cosmic Order – As Above, So Below.

She inspires both magic and miracles! Her wisdom teachings reveal the “how-to” of Divine Alchemy as she imparts the esoteric language of the Soul to her initiates.

Isis hears your cry and comes to you.

She works with your heart, challenging you to forgive absolutely everything in the dream world.

Are You Willing to Enter the Realm of the Sacred and Go for Immortality? 

Eye of Horus
Fynn at the Red Pyramid, Egypt

“I’ve always been called to the deeper mysteries and spirituality of Egypt, and I was seeking answers when I joined the tour. From the moment I stepped foot in Nefertari’s temple, the miracles began to unfold. Dehyana’s knowledge of Egypt’s mysteries and her guidance every step of the way helped me to get in touch with my true self!”

~ Fynn Chan, Malaysia


Day 1, Cairo: Arrival & Orientation

After a long flight to CAIRO International Airport, you’ll be greeted by our agent and transferred to the hotel for rest and refreshments. We have a full schedule ahead, so after a brief orientation, the rest of the time is yours to relax and enjoy.

  • Airport transfer

  • Overnight Cairo, Le Passage Hotel & Casino

  • Breakfast included

Day 2, Cairo – Aswan: Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel, Ramses Temple

We have a morning flight to Aswan to catch! From there, we’ll board our private coach and make our way to Abu Simbel; the twin temples of Ramses II and his wife, Queen Nefertari. Here, we begin our path of initiation. We’ll return to the hotel for dinner followed by an optional Abu Simbel Sound and Light show.

  • Initiation with Dehyana

  • Mystery School teaching with Dehyana

  • Overnight Abu Simbel, Seti Hotel Abu Simbel

  • Breakfast & Dinner included

Day 3, Abu Simbel – Aswan: Elephantine Island

After breakfast, we’ll drive back to Aswan and check in to our luxury Nile cruise. Later, a private felucca will be waiting for us to take in the scenery of the Nile as we sail around Elephantine Island. We’ll return to the cruise ship for dinner and a brief meeting in preparation for our pre-dawn private visit to Philae temple.

  • Private air-conditioned coach

  • Overnight Aswan, H/S Moon Dance Nile Cruise or Similar

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Day 4, Aswan – Luxor: Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu

Philae Temple Private Time

Our journey of initiation continues; well before sunrise, clad in white and in silence, we board our private boat and make our way to the island temple of Philae to meet Mother Isis. Dehyana will lead us in anchoring the powerful feminine energy here with a special ceremony and sacred initiation. And before the tourists arrive – a classical tour with Hazem! We’ll return to our cruise ship and set sail for Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples for classical tours.

  • Initiation ceremony, private time

  • Classical tour

  • Overnight Luxor, H/S Moon Dance Nile Cruise or Similar

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Day 5, Luxor: Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of Memnon

Our ship arrives in Luxor early in the morning; plenty of time explore the ancient city of Thebes! We’ll visit the West Bank of the Nile and see the Valley of the Kings & mortuary temple of Ramses III, the Temple of Hatshepsut and finally a photo op at the Colossi of Memnon. We’ll return to the cruise ship for dinner. It’s been a full day! The evening is yours to enjoy and prepare for tomorrow’s early morning initiation.

  • Classical tour

  • Free personal time

  • Overnight Luxor, H/S Moon Dance Nile Cruise or Similar

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Day 6, Luxor: Private Entry to Karnak Temple / Sekhmet Initiation

Goddess Sekhmet, Karnak, Egypt

Clad in white, we prepare for our pre-dawn visit to Karnak temple. With private access to Mother Sekhmet’s chapel, you’ll come face to face with this powerful Goddess. Following our initiation and ceremony – a guided tour of the massive temple complex. We’ll return to the hotel for breakfast and a brief meeting with Dehyana; the rest of the day is yours to enjoy. In the early evening, we’ll head to the Temple of Luxor, dedicated to Ramses the II, for a classically guided tour as the sun sets – magical!

  • Initiation with Dehyana & private time

  • Classical tour

  • Overnight Luxor, Mercure Luxor Karnak

  • Breakfast & Dinner included

  • Free personal time

Day 7, Luxor – Abydos: Dendera Temple

Dendera 2015

Our desert road trip begins with an early morning ride to Dendera, one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt, for a sacred initiation in Hathor’s temple. We’ll then make our way to Abydos, for a relaxing afternoon, followed by dinner and a group session with Dehyana.

  • Private air-conditioned coach

  • Initiations & mystery school teaching with Dehyana

  • Classical tour

  • Overnight Abydos, House of Life Hotel

  • Breakfast & Dinner included

Day 8, Abydos – Cairo: Temple of Osiris

Abydos, Egypt

We have a sunrise visit to the temple of Osiris, where you can see the flower of life laser burned into the temple wall! An amazing meditation with Dehyana awaits you here, as well as a classical tour of this beautiful temple with Hazem. We’ll return to the hotel for lunch before making our way to SOHAG to catch our 4pm flight back to Cairo.

  • Initiations with Dehyana

  • Classical tour

  • Free personal time

  • Overnight Cairo, Barceló Cairo Pyramids or Similar

  • Breakfast included

Day 9, Cairo: Sakkara & Bent Pyramid

Dahshur, Egypt

A mystical experience awaits you in the Bent Pyramid! Next, we make our way to Saqqara for a classical tour of the temple of Osiris, Step pyramid and Serapeum of Saqqara. Marvel at the precision and perfection of the Osirian temple, and discover the power of sound and light healing as practised by the ancients. We’ll enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before making our way back to the hotel for group sharing and a free evening.

  • Initiation with Dehyana

  • Classical tour

  • Overnight Cairo, Barceló Cairo Pyramids or Similar

  • Breakfast included

Day 10, Cairo: Giza Plateau, King’s Chamber, Sphinx Temple, Cairo Museum of Antiquities

Between the Paws of the Sphinx

This is the pinnacle of our tour! Rising well before the sun and in sacred silence, we prepare for our final Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. In clean white clothing and with open hearts in anticipation of what’s to come, we prepare for two wonderful hours of private time inside the great pyramid! A life-changing experience awaits you. After our ceremony, we’ll stop at the Sphinx for a photo-op. We’ll return to the hotel for breakfast and our final meeting. In the afternoon, we’ll make our way to the Cairo museum of antiquities, followed by our farewell dinner.

  • Meditation & private time

  • Mystery school teachings with Dehyana

  • Overnight Cairo, Barceló Cairo Pyramids or Similar

  • Breakfast & Dinner included

Day 11: Departure

It’s been a full and transformative trip! You will be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.

  • Airport transfer

  • Breakfast included

Egypt testimonal

What’s Included in the Ground Package?


  • 10 nights accommodation

  • Luxury Nile Cruise

  • Airport transfers & transportation in private coach

  • Domestic flights

  • Daily breakfast and half lunch / dinner

  • All entrance fees including private entry

  • Initiations & Mystery School teaching with Dehyana

  • Classically guided tours

Not Included:

  • International flight to Cairo

  • Visa fees (if applicable)

  • Tips

  • Spending money

  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

Ground Package Price:

USD 3975 twin / double accommodation

USD 4575 single accommodation

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