The Science of Manifestation

with Dehyana

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Remember the Matrix?

The bending of spoons? Well, this is what I’m talking about but on a more expanded level!

In preparation for the ascension into 5th dimension we must now cultivate more than ever the mental attitude of Magnitude vs Littleness.

Having the mental attitude of littleness brings suffering, and as we know suffering is an option. On the other hand having an attitude of magnitude, according to the law of vibration, magnetically draws to you all that matches your magnificent state of Mind. And remember, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so it is!”


In this Online Zoom Class

“I’ll introduce to you the knowledge of the Laws of Precipitation as written by the ancients, which when understood and utilised will turn your life into a life that feels like heaven on earth.


The ancients knew the science of manifestation and they lived in the experience of having the universe bend to their will.

Can you imagine having the universe bend toward your will?”

Manifesting Light

Once you Truly Understand the Power of Your Mind

And how you’re underutilising that power or using Divine Source energy in a wrong way, you’ll seriously become more conscious about everything you think, say and do.

There is no reason for any of us not to have a life of abundance, success, health, peace and joy while living in 3D! Just know that you have what it takes to bring 5th-dimensional frequencies in the here and now, and have them work for you while living on earth.

But first, you have to understand and mindfully work with the Laws of Precipitation to bring forth and manifest all that you desire.

If you’re seriously ready to do the work necessary to create the life you’ve always wanted to have then join me for a 3 hour class where I will share with you all that I know and have experienced myself having used these laws.

I taught this workshop in Bali many many years ago, and thought it would be a wonderful new beginning for me as a first online class. I’m providing a PDF for you all which includes a lot of updated information since Bali, that I know will be of great help to you on your journey from darkness to light.


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