Intuitive Soul Astrology Sessions with Dehyana

These 90-minute readings are available via Zoom and in person at the ATL centre in Melaka.

Today’s call was amazing…I didn’t expect such a deep conversation. Very natural and intuitive. Dehyana is extremely blessed with a beautiful gift. I’m thankful to of found you.

— Dawn Higgins UK

Natal Chart Reading

Using your natal chart (a snapshot of the sky based on your date, time and city of birth) combined with my intuition and years of astrology study, in this session, I’ll help you uncover your inherent strengths talents and gifts, as well as identifying your weaknesses; behavioural and emotional patterns. This powerful information will help you break through challenges and discover your inherent talents / gifts / life path, etc.

Solar Chart Reading

A Solar Revolution sheds light on how your personality evolves from year to year. Based on the planetary transits relative to their placement at your time of birth, it will provide you with personal insights for the coming year.

It’s often referred to as ‘predictive astrology’, but I like to see it as a way shower; it’s a powerful tool for revealing real growth opportunities, as well as preparing you for the coming challenges the year brings, helping you to avoid any pitfalls that may come your way.

Your Personal Soul Astrology Chart

Natal Chart

Full-Length Interpretation & Edgar Cayce Reading

Soul Astrology is a vast and multi-layered topic that encompasses the twelve zodiacal signs, the planets, the sun and the moon as well as their placement in each of the twelve houses.

Your Birth Chart Says it All

Studying your soul’s blueprint can offer a wealth of information, and if understood, could be life-changing.

Order Yours Today!

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Soul Astrology chart and full-length interpretation: $35.00
  2. Soul Astrology chart and full-length interpretation + Edgar Cayce past life reading: $45.00
  3. Edgar Cayce past life reading: $10.00

The chart and interpretations are delivered via email in .pdf format suitable for web viewing and optimised for print.

Click ‘place order’ to make your payment. You’ll then be automatically directed to the submission form where you’ll need to input your name, date, time and city of birth.