I Believe in Miracles, Do You?

Prayer is the medium for miracles.

Prove God right in 2020 by practicing the presence of the Spirit within your soul; the fuel that moves the soul forward, giving you the wings of an angel / eagle so you can soar way above the conflict in your mind.

Be astounded as you deepen your relationship with the spirit within your heart through prayer.

The Easiest Way to Pray?

PRAISE GOD for everything. Throughout your entire day, no matter what you’re doing – say to yourself: ‘Thank you God, this is beautiful, I forgive this person, I forgive this illusion, etc.’

Miracles are natural, and if they’re not happening in your life, you’ve moved away from your natural state: the beautiful soul expressing!

Join me in making 2020 the year of prayer, and just watch the miracles unfold in your life!

Until next time remember, I love you, you know that I do!
Heart Beat

PS – I’m announcing a brand new trip for 2020! We’re anchoring the light of the summer solstice in mystical Peru, June 18 – 28 want to join me? Highlights include Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, ceremony & initiation in Caral…

Spaces are still available for the:
India tour: February 24 – March 4, 2020
Egypt Women’s tour: December 2 – 12, 2020

Finally,  are you willing to be vulnerable? Where are you NOT willing to be vulnerable? Are you willing to have your desires and needs met? Can you ask for what you need? This is all related to the Sacral Chakra! Find out more at the New Year Retreat, December 30, 2019 – January 1, 2020. Spaces are still available!