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A Not to be Missed Feature Documentary
For Anyone Who Wants to Understand and Heal Their Life

Join us in community for a screening of one of the most provocative films of our times. IN UTERO without a doubt is a film that will awaken in you the desire to connect with others as a matter of survival. In these times we are inundated with technological advances that seemingly separate us rather than join us. We live at a superficial level. Yet we long for connection, for experience and to engage the senses not through cell phones and computers but rather with one another, face to face. When we see each other in real time with an open heart it increases in us the capacity for empathy, kindness, understanding, and care.

If this speaks to you, you are invited to join our community of like-minded individuals to watch IN UTERO in the spirit of connection. Afterward, we will have an open discussion to share our views, opinions and ideas and the impact of the film.

Let’s make our world a better place by seeing value in unity and brotherhood of man

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