New Year Retreat

Odyssey of Self 2020

Monday, December 30 – Wednesday, January 1

ATL Centre Melaka, Malaysia

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Get inspired for a fresh start to the New Year

A complete overhaul of your Chakra system 

By getting into the metaphysics of the energy circuitry of the body, you’ll be ready for what lies ahead in 20/20. It’s going to be amazing, thought provoking and eye opening! You’ll come away realizing that everything about your life is there to trigger your life purpose.

You are here to be YOURSELF!


“When the child weeps the old man speaks,
Follow your Self, follow your Self.” 

Chakras allow you to experience every major aspect of your life and in a very practical way they represent your energetic circuitry.

How you allow the energy to flow determines the quality of your life:

  • Having a hard time asking for your needs to be met?
  • Feeling unfulfilled?
  • Words just can’t seem to come out of your mouth?   
  • Feel disconnected from Spirit?
  • Can’t seem to get it together financially?
  • Health issues?
  • You’re a big time people pleaser?

As a child if you were not allowed to be yourself to express freely and openly as you were created to be, then
as an adult you’re living a lie. Your true calling, dreams, aspirations and heart-felt joys have all faded away.
The result? A low vibrational state attached to third dimension where all is not well!
Can you feel it?

And if you didn’t feel safe and honoured as a soul, you would have promised yourself never to say, do or act in any way that would threaten your sense of love and safety.
Over the years you would have equated love with fear and made fear real.
You promised yourself in the name of love and security that you would not be the real you!
So every promise you made “to be or not to be” unconsciously runs your life today.
Can you relate? 

Now, if you’re “in it to win it” in other words, to express yourself as a God free being,

first, you’ll have to start thinking of yourself as whole, perfect and complete.

To accept that in this lifetime you’re an initiate in a spiritual recovery program. You’re here to break free from the promises you made with your ego to get love and security.

Second, you’ll have to overcome comfort and identification with the ego, walk with the Holy Spirit and rise victorious!

Inspired Woman

20/20 marks the beginning of a whole new paradigm. The Ascension is upon us.
You are here to demonstrate that with God all things are possible.
Are you listening to the callings of your soul?

With Mighty Companions at Your Side

We’ll take a deep dive into the psyche to break free from the vows and promises that have limited you your entire life. From an astrological perspective the planets (as above, so below) are configuring to support us as we move beyond the density of 3rd dimension into the quantum bliss of 5th dimension.  There is only one requirement; you’ve got to break free of those vows and remember that God’s got your back, front and both sides at all times!

Red Energyroot chakraRoot Chakra

Ingrained unconscious programming and the beginning of the denial of self.
You promised your self that you would never _________ again in order to feel safe and secure!

Orange Energy 
Sacral ChakraSacral Chakra

Here’s where you’ll find your subconscious beliefs around money, relationships, health, creativity and how you really feel about yourself.
No self worth? Not enough? Not fully in your body?
You promised yourself that you would never _________ again!

Yellow Energy Solar Plexus ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra

Ego identification. Attachments and expectations. Power or lack thereof. The battle between good and evil. Strongholds of the mind coming from the promises you made from the very beginning. Self centred? No courage?
What did you promise yourself here?

GreenEnergyHeart ChakraHeart Chakra

Are you listening to the calling of your heart? Are you comprising your dreams because you vowed never to_______? Are you sort of happy? Well that’s not good enough as a son of God.
Unburden your heart and break those promises!

Turquoise EnergyThroat Chakra

Difficultly making choices that would serve your highest good? Can’t say No? People pleaser? Ms/Mr Nice? Addicted to avoiding being present? You vowed never to speak up? Or did you promise yourself that you would be heard no matter what?

Indigo EnergyThird Eye Chakra

Can’t seem to stay in the moment? Don’t believe everything’s connected? Addicted to duality? Did you vow never to be seen?

Violet EnergyCrown Chakra

Don’t really believe that you and God are one? Don’t know how to be a space for love? Trouble receiving? Afraid of your darkness? Disconnected? What promises did you make to play small?

Once you uncover all the promises you made with the ego that have limited you your entire life, you’ll make covenants with your soul.  What a wonderful thing to do, radically accept that you are a SOUL with a HEART made of gold and that you are here to live out loud for the sake of your soul, not your mother, father, sister, brother, or anybody else that you have given your power to over the years. 

This is radical self love in action!

I’ll share the planetary news coming direct from the heavens. You’ll know where Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto the Sun and Moon are and how they are assisting your ascension process for the New Age of Aquarius.

I’m so thrilled to be holding our New Year Retreat in Melaka this year.  Yes, we were planning to go to Cambodia, but spirit said “you need to be in Melaka at the end of the year”.  So be it.  And so it is!

See you there. 

A million hugs and kisses

Dehyana xo
Heart Beat


Date: Monday, December 30 –  Wednesday, January 1
Monday:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm | 9:00pm – 12:00am (BreathWorks)
Wednesday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (BreathWorks)

Venue: ATL Centre Melaka
Jalan Kesidang 3/11
75200 Melaka

Fee:  RM550 (tea breaks and lunch included)

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