Life is always changing, from moment to moment. 

Ever have days where you wish you weren’t even here? How about days like you were walking on a cloud? You or someone you know has been diagnosed with an illness? Or facing death?

Nothing stays the same, even if you want it to. 

You’re happy, then you’re not, you’re grief-stricken and then joyous, angry, frustrated and then happy again. It’s duality. Life is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, wouldn’t you agree? You’re up, you’re down and round and round it goes.

Only one thing remains constant; the changeless one within you. 

You have no control over your external circumstances. But, your Higher power (God, love, Christ, Buddha, the I Am – call it what you want) is always there, unchanged, quietly waiting for you to turn toward it. In our busy-ness, in our attempts to fix our external circumstances, we get caught up in the world and forget to hook up to it. But it’s always there.

Rely fully on your Higher Self. How? Surrender! 

Take this opportunity with this short guided meditation to surrender and let go. Whatever it is you’re holding on to – turn it over. Call to mind a situation that you’re facing; worry, confusion financial burden, health issues, desired outcomes, etc. and with an open heart, listen to the prayer of surrender. Every time you hear the word ‘I’ or ‘me’ think of your higher power, the Spirit in you that can heal your mind when you turn toward it.

You don’t need to carry it or figure it out. Surrender and turn toward the power within you, and let it do for you what you of yourself cannot do.

Until next time, remember, I love you…you know that I do!

Prayer of Surrender

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Why get agitated? Let Me take care of all your business. I shall be the one who will think about them. I am waiting for nothing else than your surrender to Me, and then you do not have to worry anymore about anything. Say farewell to all fears and discouragement. You demonstrate that you do not trust Me. On the contrary, you must rely blindly on Me.

To surrender means: To turn your thoughts away from troubles, to turn them away from difficulties you encounter and from all your problems. Leave everything into My hands saying “Lord, Thy will be done. Thou think of it.” That is to say: “Lord I thank you for you have taken everything in your hands, and you will resolve this for my highest good.” Remember that thinking of the consequences of a thing is contrary to surrender. That is to say, when you worry that a situation has not had the desired outcome, you thus demonstrate that you do not believe in My love for you. You will prove that you do not consider your life to be under My control and that nothing escapes Me. Never think: How is this to end? What is going to happen? If you give into this temptation, you demonstrate that you do not trust Me. Do you want Me to deal with it…yes or no? Then you must stop being anxious about it? I shall guide you only if you completely surrender to Me and when I must lead you into a different path than the one that you expect, I carry you in My arms.

What seriously upsets you is your reasoning, your worrying, your obsession, your will to provide for yourselves at any price. I can do so many things when the being, as much in his material necessities as in his spiritual ones, turns to Me saying: “You think of it.” Then he closes his eyes and rests quietly. You will deceive a lot but only when your prayer will rely fully upon Me. You pray to Me when in pain so that I intervene, but in the way you desire it. You do not rely on Me, but you want Me to adjust to your requests. Don’t behave like sick ones who ask a treatment to the doctor, all the time suggesting it to him. Do not do that; but rather, even in sad circumstances, say: “Lord I praise and thank You for this problem, for this necessity. I pray You to arrange things as You please for this terrestrial and temporal life. You know very well what is best for Me.” Sometimes you feel that disasters increase instead of diminish. Do not get agitated. Close your eyes and tell me with faith: “Thy will be done. You think of it.” And when you speak thus, I accomplish miracles when necessary. I only think of it when you trust me totally. I always think of you, but I can only help you completely when you rely fully on Me.