Are you in a negative spin or in a negative space? Do you find yourself hiding, defending, protecting, judging others and generally just feeling low?

Whether you believe it or not, this is not normal; this is not how you were meant to live!

The truth is, you were given everything EVERYTHING when you were created. Think about that for a minute…all of the beautiful attributes of God; love, mercy, abundance, kindness, creativity, lightheartedness, peace, joy – these attributes are in you too! They make up your true nature. The problem is, you’ve identified with darkness. And as the Course in Miracles says ‘Darkness is a lack of light as sin is a lack of love’. You simply need to turn the light on and identify yourself with Spirit.

This simple process will help you:

  1. Acknowledge it: ‘I’m in a dark place, I’m feeling ____________’. Don’t sugar coat it. Name it and tell the truth about how you feel.
  2. Tell yourself repeatedly ’Spirit is in me.’
  3. Turn your will over to God by saying ‘I’m giving this _____________ to you. Take it. I am willing to let it go’

Let’s go deeper, with a look at Chapter I, iv of A Course In Miracles ‘The Escape From Darkness’, to really understand how to escape from darkness.

With love,