Anchoring the Light in Windsor

October 6 –  November10,  2019

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

with Dehyana

The Power of An Open Heart


A heart filled with love is boundless, and there is no greater teacher than your heart. Let go of anxiety, fear and ignorance, light the lamp of wisdom within and uncover the real you!

I’m thrilled to announce we’re back at Mackenzie Hall for our weekly sessions, beginning with Guided Meditation on Monday, October 6. And, we’re returning to Harrow for an incredible weekend retreat ‘Odyssey of Self’ November 8-10. We’re also offering a screening of the feature documentary In Utero as part of a mini-workshop on the art of Effective Communication. I have so much to share with you this year…I can hardly wait!

This year, my One on One sessions and Jaime’s Harmonic Sound Therapy sessions are available Monday through Friday. Email jaimelynn@anchoringthelight.org to book your appointments.

Let’s come together this fall and raise our vibration. Please help us to spread the word by forwarding this info to anyone interested in making a good world better.

I can’t wait to see you!
with love,

Heart Beat

Guided Meditation

Mondays: Oct. 7, 14, 21, 26 & Nov. 4

Connect with your higher self, open your heart and let go of anxiety! The 2-hour session is followed by an open dialogue discussion, where participation is encouraged; through sharing and/or listening with an open heart, you’ll be able to identify what’s blocking you, where you need to forgive and how to move forward in your life. All are welcome. The only requirement is an open mind!

Mackenzie Hall
3277 Sandwich St W,
Windsor, ON N9C 1A9, Canada


Wednesdays: Oct. 8, 16, 23, 30 & Nov. 6

Dehyana has a unique, heart-centred and practical approach to A Course In Miracles that’ll help you cut right to the chase! You’ll learn how to use the often difficult to understand concepts of this modern day ascension manual to undo a fearful thought system. The result? Peace, joy, abundance, forgiveness and a direct relationship with your Higher Self. Hallelujah!

Mackenzie Hall
3277 Sandwich St W,
Windsor, ON N9C 1A9, Canada


Thursdays: Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31 & Nov. 7

Release and heal what you’re holding on to! Breathing divine energy helps you let go of subconscious beliefs and negative thoughts. Dehyana will lead you through various breathing techniques that’ll release stress, anxiety, fear, trauma, and drama. It takes energy and effort to heal but the benefits are so worth it: better sleep, clear-mindedness, and lots more peace and joy!

Mackenzie Hall
3277 Sandwich St W,
Windsor, ON N9C 1A9, Canada

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Oxley Retreat

Odyssey of Self 20/20

Friday, Nov. 8 – Sunday Nov.10
Harrow, Ontario

Offerings to the Mother

I Invite you to join me on the serene shores of Lake Erie, engulfed in the holy energy of this sacred place, to immerse yourself in a weekend of deeply transforming inner work.

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Meditating in Autumn

Film Screening & Workshop

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication
Sunday, October 27, Mackenzie Hall

“IN UTERO is a cinematic rumination on what will emerge as one of the most compelling subjects of the 21st Century – life in the womb and its lasting impact on human development, human behaviour, and the state of the world. IN UTERO brings together for the first time convincing data that explains that we are not only our genes but a product of our environment as well.”

Each of us is carrying a blueprint of some degree of pain, and with all of the unconscious trauma and fear in our psyche, we’re afraid of intimate communication. We shut down when it comes to speaking up, to saying what we mean, and to being authentically honest and open. Understanding how and why we’re all operating from unconscious trauma increases your compassion level, allowing you to hold a space of safety for yourself and others. You’ll learn practical tools and techniques that’ll have you listening with an open heart, choosing your responses rather than reacting from your pain blueprint, and creating win/win situations in all your relationships!

Connections Luncheon

Wednesday November 7

Join Dehyana for a beautiful meditation and visual tour through Egypt!

Contact Judith Enns (519) 326 1065 to register, or register with us.

Registration & Connecting: 11:30am – 12:00pm
Lunch: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Talk & Meditation: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Luncheon & Presentation: $30.00
Presentation only: $15.00 (please arrive by 12:45pm, no outside food or drinks)
Venue: Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens | Willow Room 1550 Road 3 E, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E5

Connections Luncheon

Private Sessions with Dehyana

1 Problem, One Solution

Wake up from the dream of separation and remember who you are!

Dehyana is available for 1:1 Counselling, Soul Astrology and Private BreathWorks sessions.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday by appointment.

Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 10am and 4pm, Tuesday and Friday between 10am and 5pm. Weekends sessions may be available by request.

Please text/iMessage/WhatsApp/call Jaime at 1 226 280 8784 to book your appointment. Alternately, she can be reached by email at jaimelynn@anchoringthelight.org.

Read more about private sessions here.

1:1 Sessions with Dehyana

Harmonic Sound Therapy

with Jaime

Elfen Chakra Chimes are individually handcrafted energy chime bars tuned to the C Major scale, the chakra frequencies. They produce a pure silvery tone which resonates for up to 30 seconds, sending healing vibrations to the Chakra system. These sound vibrations are rich in high frequency harmonics, which research has shown to be the healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep relaxation.

The incredible resonance of the energy chimes helps to focus the mind in meditation. An externally created sound projected into a dis-eased part of the body may be able to reintroduce the correct harmonic frequency and return the body to its healthy, harmonious vibration.