Taking 21 conscious connected breaths is a wonderful way to help you align with your higher self and identify as Christ.  In these times of uncertainty, those who are choosing to serve the light are being called to the front line.

This is our ascension time and a huge opportunity to step into our function…Forgiveness of the world.

To Prepare for Your Meditation:

  1. Remember to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  2. Prepare a small glass of water and place it next to you
  3. Complete your meditation by praying over the water

When you pray over water every molecule is infused with light which makes it your medicine.


PS –  ACIM in now being held virtually on Facebook – Sundays at 10 am Malaysia time (GMT+8). You can join the private group here. Click ‘Join’, answer the questions and we’ll approve you!