Beliefs & Principles

  1. We believe that we are created in the image and likeness of an Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God that seeks to express itself through us as our very own unlimited I AM presence.
  2. We believe that the body is a moving temple by which God lives, moves and has His being within
  3. We accept that we are on earth to evolve toward complete awareness of ourselves as conscious creators at one with God.
  4. We seek to maintain conscious contact with our own unlimited I AM Presence by embracing prayer, devotion and meditation as the mother of our spiritual practice.
  5. We seek to understand and utilize the immutable laws of the universe by applying them to our daily lives.
  6. We know that detaching from one thing will only lead to attaching to another and therefore seek the only true freedom there is; freedom in the Dharma (Universal Truth).
  7. We strive to align our thoughts, words and deeds according to Gods Will for us in our daily lives.
  8. We strive to accept reality as it is by making empowering choices that move us closer to our unlimited I am Presence.
  9. We believe that each person has their own path to walk and will not evolve in the same manner as us. Therefore we keep our eyes on ourselves moving always toward the goal of Self-Realization.
  10. We practice true forgiveness by first pulling the plank out of our own eye before pointing to the spec in our brother’s eye.
  11. We pray for the resurrection power to rise up in us and to set our heart spirit free to be in selfless service to humanity.
  12. We practice transcending time and space with all its ups and downs by loving God, praising God and thanking God for absolutely everything.