Moms are such great teachers, aren’t they? In fact, my mother could have written the chapter “Projection makes perception” from ACIM!  Any time I complained to her she’d say “Well, what did you do? You mean that girl just came up and slapped you for no reason? Maybe you should think about what you did!” What kid wants to hear that? I hated that!

But it also made me think. Hmm. Well…what was I thinking? What did I do? What did I say to get those results?  

I definitely owe gratitude to my mother because she was actually teaching me about the process of mirroring early on in my life.

From A Course in Miracles chapter 21 Reason & Perception: Projection makes Perception. Everything comes from the mind.  The world you see is the external feedback of an inward condition.  And each of us sees a separate world based on what we think and believe.  

With stinking thinking, you swim in an ocean of doo doo, but when you think with love and forgiveness you swim in an ocean of bliss.

You are not responsible for what happens to you, but you are responsible for how you respond to what happens to you. And yes, this includes taking responsibility for your thoughts.

How do you get into that ocean of bliss? Empty your mind, undo a fear-based thought system and be 100% responsible for what you think say and do? Be free of guilt, forgive and become more self-aware?


I’ve created a free pdf to walk you through the process of journaling. Submit your details in the popup and we’ll email you the link!

Go ahead! I invite you to take the challenge: Journal for 30 days and see how you feel and notice how your life is transformed. At the end of the 30 days, head to the blog post, leave a comment and let us know how you did.

Until next time, remember, I love you…you know that I do!