Are You Identified with the Ego’s Thought System?
You forget that YOU are a beautiful stream of loving consciousness, emanating directly from the mind of God.
Reconnect with your Essence Through Forgiveness

The purpose of the body is communication. Plain and simple. How you choose to use the body, however, is completely up to you. If used for the ego’s purposes, and you know this is so if you find yourself judging, gossiping, attacking, comparing etc., it weakens your immune system, leaving you susceptible to illness, looking old, frail and ultimately, it leads to depression.

If the body is used for the Holy Spirit’s purposes; to connect with others and help them to understand that they too are a stream of love, you are given grace, you’re full of vitality, joy, happiness, and peace, and all of this gorgeousness radiates from every cell of your being!

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness, right now, by clicking the link…and don’t forget to share it with your friends & family. 

With love,