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First thing’s first – I am made in the Image of God but believe that I am other than what God made.

The original attack thought behind sickness is “I believe I’ve turned my back on God.” Now, I am holding guilt for having done that and to avoid looking at the real problem, I’ll use sickness.

The real problem is in my mind.

When you believe that you could actually make up a self other than what God made – you are misidentified. And as an ego, you’re out to prove God wrong and you right. Basically you’re in competition with God by proving that you’re really weak and frail. See….I’m sick.

Sickness is a wrong minded decision.

You think you can author yourself instead of be what God created. And because you believe that you could be other than what God made – your mind is full of attack thoughts.

ACIM – I am not the body, and my mind cannot attack – so I cannot be sick. Lesson 23 – I can escape the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

Sickness is a wake up call. You have forgotten your real identity as the image and likeness of God. All forms of sickness in the body are attack thoughts held in the mind. Sickness is a projection of your attack thoughts.

The only way to heal is to go deep into the mind and drop the belief that you are not as God created you because that’s the original attack thought.

Get into your right mind and join with the Holy Spirit. In believing that you’ve turned your back on God, you actually believe you’re going to be punished. So instead, you make yourself sick.

This is deep – Any form of sickness is an effect – take the focus off the effect/symptom and get back into right thinking (You are responsible for what you think).

Wrong minded thoughts are attack thoughts because you are attacking God – YOU! The real you! Thoughts such as self loathing, blame, judgement, un-forgiveness, grievances, low self esteem, unworthiness, impatience, pride, avarice and greed, jealousy, fear, anger.

See what thoughts you can dig up from deep within the mind, and give them over to the Holy Spirit.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” — St Paul.

All sickness is a call for love. That fake self you made up is trying to make you believe that you’re anything but a wonderful, beautiful, whole, perfect and compete child of God.

The ego wants you dead but not itself! Remember that.

Sickness is the ultimate way to get you to believe that the body is real and pain is the ultimate witness! The ego is the grim reaper with many tricks up its sleeve to keep you from waking up! Turn the other cheek and see the light!

If you are suffering with any form of sickness, say to yourself

Today is the day that I:

Accept responsibility for what I think.

Change my mind about who I think I am.

Expose and forgive every attack thought in my mind about everything; people, places and things.

Join with Holy Spirit and let the darkness up into the light and see that it has no power over me.

Rise above the conflict/battleground in my mind and say

God IS, I AM, All is well.

And when your life comes to an end, you will gently lay your body down in love, praise and gratitude for a wonderful ride called your beautiful life!

Until next time remember, I love you, you know that I do!
Heart Beat

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See you there!