Breathe in love and breathe out your past!

This guided meditation was recorded live at ACIM in Windsor, Wednesday October 9, 2019.

Let go of your grievances and wake up to your divinity!

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sink into this 20 minute meditation. As you sit, you create a vortex, a portal into the quantum field where all possibilities are available to you. You are a miracle worker. Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit hovering above you, guiding you home, back to God. Put a little smile on your face in gratitude…

The light has come.

Breathe in the precious life force surrounding you. Rise up to meet the challenge of the day.

The light has come.

Using your imagination, call forth your own spirit guide who walks with you, the helpers in the unseen world that walk with you. Smile a little deeper, in deep appreciation for their presence.

The light has come. 

When you’re confused and feeling lost, pray to the Holy Spirit and ask her to change your perception, to heal your mind. Work only with the Spirit.

The light has come. 

As you breathe in love and relinquish the past, feel gratitude and appreciation for your sisters and brothers, and all those people who mirrored your unconscious guilt, that you might forgive. They served you. They’re serving to wake you up. They are your salvation. Thank you.

The Light has come. Thank you God!


I’d love to know what you got out of this meditation. How did you feel? Were you able to truly feel the light, the gratitude and love? Did you notice any shifts in your thoughts or relationships after the meditation? Scroll down to leave a comment!