Have you ever…

  • Been confused about the inner guidance you’re receiving?
  • Asked for guidance, received it and then second guessed it?
  • Been given clear guidance and immediately felt afraid to follow it?

This video is for you.

You’ll see what I mean as I respond to this email I received a few days ago:

Hi Dehyana,

I was so excited when I received your email about your Egypt tour and it does look amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and I finally have the time and the money. When I viewed the pictures on your website of all the temples, the desert and the camels, the pyramids and all the smiling faces, my heart started to pound! I had goosebumps and I really felt almost breathless.  I actually heard a voice inside of my head in that very moment that said ‘ Go to Egypt! You have to go to Egypt!’ As I continued viewing and reading testimonies on the website, the feeling to go grew even stronger. It has been a few days since I read the very first email from ATL. And at first, I was so gung-ho to go! I felt so excited! But suddenly I am so afraid of joining the tour that I thought I better write to you. When I actually think about being in Egypt I feel frozen to go. I am paralysed. What the h*!! is going on? Why was I so excited at first and now I’m scared out of my mind? It doesn’t make sense to me. Please help me understand because I’m really confused about hearing the voice of guidance. I thought I wouldn’t be afraid if I was hearing/following the voice of the Holy Spirit. What?! I don’t get it. Thank you for helping me gain clarity.

My reply, along with insights from A Course in Miracles, is not situation specific – meaning it will help you, regardless of the situation you’re facing!

Until next time, remember, I love you…you know that I do!

Heart Beat

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